led into in a sentence

led into in a sentence

1) I was led into a small waiting room.

2) They were led into a sugarcane field.

3) The ensuing battle led into the current events.

led into example sentences

4) The bell rope once led into his cottage.

5) This young man had been led into fear, not faith.

6) A private siding also led into the adjoining timber yard.

7) Then she was led into her bedroom.

8) Two bridges that led into the area were washed away.

9) A door led into a bare, ugly hall.

10) A door led into Hitler’s modestly furnished bedroom.

11) You’ve kind of led into it already.

12) It led into a corridor, lined with doors.

13) A small side road ahead of us led into a village.

14) Later, Robert was led into a trap.

15) There were steps which led into another part of the room.


example sentences with led into

16) Horses are usually led into the ring at a walk.

17) The water from this channel was led into the garden.

18) And the next step led into the space of death.

19) A branch line led into the dockyard.

20) Carpeted stairs led into the dark above.

21) An entrance led into a small antechamber.

22) I was led into a shuttered room off the courtyard.

23) It led into a hall, beyond which was a garden.

24) The Blackhawks are to be led into a trap.

25) She opened the door which led into the Chinese room.

26) And so roving Jack is led into captivity.

27) It was the next generation that Joshua led into Canaan.

28) Upon arriving at the school they were led into the basement.


How to use led into in a sentence

29) They are led into it,’ says Roberta.

30) Two east-facing doors led into the house.

31) He always used the side door which led into a small office.

32) I waited three hours before being led into a small, hot room.

33) That run of success led into the MLB Trade Deadline season.

34) The door to the left led into Philpott’s private office.

35) Probably being led into a trap.

36) The gate led into the lane.

37) Many of the pilots were ineffective unless led into battle by experienced men.

38) A disappointing jobs report and weak retail sales led into a much bette .

39) There’s the door that led into my kitchen and living room.