left eye in a sentence

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A wisp of hair fell over his left eye.

I have a prickling sensation in my left eye.

Both girls survived their injuries, though Kinebrew lost her left eye.

What looks like someone’s left eye blinks to reveal a ring of camera sensors.

The accident seemed to leave nothing more than scars and blindness in his left eye.

His left eye, to be precise, which he lost while being held in one of the C.I.A.’s secret prisons.

He was hit in the elbow and the chest and one bullet was lodged behind his left eye, Champagne said.

The wearer winks with the right eye to activate the telescope, and with the left eye to deactivate it.

Nadine wears a patch over her left eye, having lost it in a hunting accident on their honeymoon.

Invisible, Taiseki was able to damage Kakashi’s left eye.

Mach then consistently stuffed Azevedo’s takedowns, and landed a fight-ending knee on Azevedo over his left eye.

The armor’s color scheme is gunmetal with black detailing and has two lines on the helmet’s left eye area that glows according to the repulsor reactor’s color.

He acquires a scar on his left eye afterwards.

In Season 9, how his left eye was broken is revealed.

He has swirled left eye and twinkle in the other, a bow, and hat.

’” The pain was then all concentrated to her left eye and nothing could be done.

The sun is his right eye,which he open during the day, while the moon is his left eye.

He complained of visual impairment in the left eye, ocular and abdominal pruritus and abdominal pain.

Federico had his nasal bridge removed to widen his left eyesight, after an accident to his right eye.

In right-hand traffic, oncoming traffic and the driver’s wing mirror are handled by the predominantly weaker left eye.

The P38 proved to have deadly accuracy, managing to hit a synthetic skull (filled with brains) through the left eye socket.

Holyfield started the bout slowly and in the second round, he was cut in the left eye following an accidental clash of heads.

Yossarian Zaphod’s younger brother, Yossarian, is named after the main character in Catch-22 and has a scar across his left eye.

In a left esotropia, the left eye ‘squints’, and in a right esotropia the right eye ‘squints’.

The rig used two three-strip cameras, running a total of six strips of film at once (three for the left eye and three for the right).

Rocky comes back toward the end of the second and silences the Russian crowd by landing a strong right hook that cuts Drago just below his left eye.

Pearson has had Parkinson’s disease for nearly a decade, is blind in his right eye and legally blind in his left eye-plus he has been color-blind his entire life.

A small facial mole can be seen directly beneath the sister’s left eye, suggesting that, because her brother gave her the portrait of Tomie, she was also possessed by her.

Bart had surgery Wednesday to remove his left eye and wire his jaw shut.
A rock thrown by a boy hit her when she was 2 years old, costing her left eye.
Although the bottle did not smash, Mr Fleming suffered a 4cm cut over his left eye and another to his lower eyelid.
An autopsy showed he suffered a broken nose, injuries to his left eye and face, and a brain hemorrhage, the affidavit said.

A new picture on Tuesday shows a young man whose left eye is covered by the same type of emoticon used in the earlier picture.
At one point, her left eye was swollen shut and she had deep lacerations above both eyes and a gash to the bone on her nose, the records show.
96 photos: Mars rover Curiosity The left eye of the Mast Camera on NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity took this image of the rover’s arm on September 5, 2012.
As “Trap Queen” began to chart in February, Wap earned attention for his look: He developed glaucoma as a baby and said doctors were unable to save his left eye.
Another shows his face, an apparent bruise above his left eye and his right possibly blackened, with duct tape over his mouth and the neck of a white T-shirt showing.
Allegations are that on the day of the incident, the accused man punched the male complainant in his face four times, causing him to sustain injuries to his left eye and nose.
After the gauze was peeled away from his left eye, he said he could see again and began reaching out for nearby medical staff, hugging anyone he could and touching their faces.