living room in a sentence

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They are having tea in the living room.

Father made our living room more spacious.

The living room in my new house is very large.

The cat has peed on the living room rug again.

Don’t tramp in the living room with muddy feet.

Their living room is as large again as my house.

Why don’t you go lie down for a while in the living room?
They were sitting on the sofa in our living room.

Miho was in the living room when I visited her.

He let the visitor into the living room.

Father helped me lift the table in the living room.

She is neither in the kitchen nor in the living room.

There is ample space for our piano in the living room.

My wife wants pastel tones for the paint for our living room.

We bought a grand piano which took up half of our living room.

My living room also serves as my office for doing my lesson plans.

We put up some new drapes to complement the living room furniture.

The children left a trail of mud from the yard into the living room.

We got married in a civil ceremony which was held in our living room.

We painted our kitchen and living room in differing shades of yellow.

Yoshi’s entire apartment in Tokyo is about the size of our living room.

We had a very simple wedding, in fact, we got married in our living room.

They displayed their children’s artwork on the walls of their living room.

Why don’t you go lie down for a while in the living room where you won’t be disturbed?
I broke a lamp in the living room, but my dad was able to glue it back together.

The headquarters of our Internet business are actually located in my living room.

We chose the color for our living room from a wide range of choices at the paint shop.

Our wedding took place in our living room, and was officiated by a justice of the peace.

We could see dust floating in the rays of sunlight streaming through the living room window.

The man shook his fist at the young boys who had broken his living room window with their baseball.

After an evening of trick-or-treating, the children sat down in the living room to look at their loot.

We’re hoping to build an extension to the house in order to enlarge our kitchen and living room areas.

The old man shook his fist at the young boys who had broken his living room window with their baseball.

Our daughter did a lovely painting in art class, so we had it framed, and hung it on our living room wall.

We looked at maybe a hundred different carpet samples before finding the one we wanted for our living room.

We stacked all the boxes in the living room of our new apartment and then went out to get something to eat.

My son came into the living room while we were wrapping Christmas presents, but luckily he didn’t see anything.

Michelle sewed some lovely curtains for our living room at half the price of what it would have cost to buy them.

The kids were hidden behind the couch in the living room, but we were able to find them because we could hear them giggling.

When I was little, my parents used our living room for entertaining guests, and we children were not allowed to go in there.

His parents were quite shocked when they came home early, and discovered him naked on the living room couch with his girlfriend.

We didn’t want the hassle of a big wedding, so we got married in our living room, and only invited a small group of family and friends.

Someone once joked that nothing is more cozy and restful than a warm, crackling fire in the living room, but only if you have a fireplace.

They have a tame lion that walks around their property and even comes in their house and sits on their living room floor when they’re watching television.

I lured my little brother into the kitchen by telling him there was chocolate cake there, and then ran back into the living room to change the channel on the television.

After the plums fell off the tree, they just lay on the ground, and fermented, so when the birds ate them, they got a little drunk, and some of them flew into our living room window.

The cafes and bistros of Paris are the French capital’s living room.

He is a photograph in the living room; he is, for the moment, still.

Of Taylor, he said the singer could turn an arena into a living room.

He’d been cleaning guns and had them scattered all over the living room.

We move to the Scerris’ living room to look through some old photo albuMs.
766320 The picture of Kylie is still in the living room,”” Mrs Charles said.”

Back in their home, Gwen bounces from toy to toy in the family’s living room.

In the living room, her coffee table is actually an old opium bed from China.

Scott Barber — a proud Iraq War veteran — died on his family’s living room floor.

The man called police after he got home and found a teenager inside his living room.

He carried the length of rubber tubing through the living room and into the bedroom.

Comment advertisement Ever wanted a dinosaur skeleton for your oversized living room?

After Miracle arrived, Young asked her friend in the living room to call an ambulance.

Egyptian comedy movies have cracked up living rooms from Baghdad to Beirut for decades.

For game makes, diversity must start in studios before it can extend into living rooms.
In the living room, another body was found stuffed inside a suitcase turned onto its side.

It’s a gaming console, a media streamer, and a lean-back platform to run living room apps.

“We try it about everywhere,” Rob said, alluding to hotel suites, living rooms, and hallways.

One time, shortly after Easter, they received “a living room full” of unsold stuffed animals.

The crook briefly recorded himself standing in the living room before he fled with the phone.

She turned her head and fired at her sleeping brother in the living room, and he screamed “Help!

The two-story house has a master suite on each floor with living rooms that open out to terraces.

Today’s house calls can result in an EKG in the living room, and on-the-spot tests for infections.

LOUISBURG Ashley Garcia usually watches the Super Bowl with family and friends in her living room.

Eero thinks its designs are nice enough for its devices to perch on end tables in the living room.

They are legends in their time, which would be Sunday nights at the living room Lounge in Brooklyn.

The living room, dining room and kitchen, are a few of the major rooms that will have to be redone.

“I was in the living room with five Jewish families surrounding me asking me about calculus,” he says.

I’m speaking of houseplants, those African violets and ferns that grace our living rooms and desks without so much as a peep.

She concentrated on cooking and wine, cleared all the piles of crap from the living room to the bedroom, agonised about a full spring clean, for what if Lucy stayed?