local business in a sentence

local business in a sentence

1) Panama city beach local business directory pawn shops.

2) The colorful wares of local business merchants are beautifully represented.

3) Local businesses also generously contribute further prizes.

local business example sentences

4) There are local businesses that provide such services.

5) Local businesses include an air filters company.

6) Local businesses have been slowly expanding again.

7) These prizes are often donated by local businesses .

8) Its backers included powerful local business and political figures.

9) The character of small local businesses largely remains today.

10) Local business owners scrambled to find workers.

11) Its clientele includes local businesses and nonprofits.

12) The solar option actually builds local businesses and community resilience .

13) The 500 kites were purchased using donations from local businesses .

14) Now local businesses are being asked to offer refuge.

15) Complete online local business listings and generate local citations .


example sentences with local business

16) But local business owners are not convinced .

17) A local business was looking for office help.

18) Phoenix local business directory when write off bad debt debt counseling.

19) Those opportunities are being reserved for local businesses .

20) Find more local businesses offering refinance backwards home loan car financing loans.

21) She has the strong support of local business .

22) Are local businesses already doing something similar on their own?

23) Create a tourist route featuring local businesses opposing the dams.

24) The project has received strong support from local businesses and universities.

25) Talk about supporting local businesses and jobs.

26) Local businesses can borrow from foreign banks through local banks.

27) That plan will now include local businesses .

28) The notes were well received by local businesses .


How to use local business in a sentence

29) The developers licensed logos and signs from local businesses .

30) We are a family owned and operated local business .

31) Their descendants have remained active in local business affairs since.

32) The response of the local businesses was varied.

33) An advantage to local businesses is the favourable road links.

34) It is financed by advertising by local businesses .

35) Labor unions united the community workers and local business .

36) Reduced through traffic can lead to fewer customers using local businesses .

37) A staff of freight agents vigorously solicited shipments from local businesses .

38) Often the event is sponsored by local businesses .

39) This was achieved through private donations and sponsorship from local businesses .

40) A recently established local business cluster is that of racing cars.