local guide in a sentence

local guide in a sentence

1) Tours are also available with local guides .

2) All the local guides were very competent and friendly.

3) Morning walking tour with a local guide .


local guide example sentences

4) There are a few local guides available for hire.

5) We hire the top local guides in every location.

6) Our local guide Daniel is an extraordinary young man.

7) In countries with language barriers, there are local guides too.

8) Local guides take the visitor around at minimal cost.

9) The tour director and all the local guides were unbelievably informative.

10) The local guides and instructors listed all have relevant qualifications.

11) Some visitors participated in mountaineering activities, often hiring local guides .

12) Becky and our local guides were knowledgeable, flexible and fun!

13) And I had a great experience with the local guides .

14) You will need a local guide to find the site.

15) Local guides say it is an advertisement for prostitution.


example sentences with local guide

16) Multilingual local guide will accompany the tour from arrival until departure.

17) Our professional local guides will take good care of you.

18) The service by the local guides and ship’s staff was excellent.

19) It can only be traversed on horseback with a local guide .

20) However, Brendan has his feathers ruffled by a local guide .

21) Our local guide led us through the rocky paths returning to his village.

22) You can arrange for local guides to lead you to these sites.

23) He arranged local guides , suggested eating places and answered innumerable questions about everything.

24) This is due to the very experienced local guides who will lead every tour.

25) However, two local guides who brought Manser across Sarawak jungles were found.

26) It was enlightening because previously the local guides had been reluctant to do so.

27) We are met by our local guide and transfer to our centrally-located hotel.

28) They hired another two local guides , Peter Taugwalder, father and son.


How to use local guide in a sentence

29) Sightseeing with a local guide featuring all major sites and some free time .

30) Experienced spelunkers will enjoy the opportunity of exploring the cave with local guides .

31) Our local guide has a genius for arranging models, often novices from nearby monasteries.

32) In fact the local guide and his lady client had already gone an hour ago!

33) It’s a pleasure to learn from local guides who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

34) Some 250 local guides and porters were employed over the course of the expedition.

35) Discuss the food safety with your local guide and take personal hygiene into account.

36) Local guides , porters and the well-known Chhumurti horses are available for hire.

37) Our local guide was excellent.

38) Local guides may be able to point out areas where there is increased arthropod activity.

39) Also, Ronald as the local guide was a great asset to the trip.