made of in a sentence

made of in a sentence

1) No mention is made of mileage reimbursement.

2) Cooking pots were mostly made of fired clay.

3) Holiday images are made of holiday shapes.

made of example sentences

4) Light is made of particles called photons.

5) The case is made of decent grade plastic.

6) Synthetic wigs are made of artificial fibres.

7) Fast food is highly processed junk made of cheap ingredients.

8) Our community includes anything made of metal.

9) Both models were made of similar construction.

10) The anode is probably made of nickel sheet.

11) The paint is made of real gold.

12) The red glaze was made of melted down antique bronze.

13) Chemical weapons are made of inanimate substances.

14) The stuff wet dreams are made of .

15) This traditional alcoholic drink is made of grain.


example sentences with made of

16) Today piano strings are made of steel.

17) Devices made of softer materials may produce fewer side effects.

18) Bring water bottles made of aluminium 2.

19) It was made of stainless steel too!

20) The subject is made of four simple test charts.

21) The sword cane body is made of aluminum.

22) The bottles are made of stainless steel.

23) These devices are often made of carbon graphite materials.

24) Most machines are made of inferior materials.

25) All living things are made of cells.

26) The anchors were made of wrought iron.

27) The three previous bridges were made of wood.

28) The structure is made of lightweight aluminum.


How to use made of in a sentence

29) Such guns had originally been made of bone.

30) Each bomb is made of four dynamite sticks.

31) The roof was probably made of timber.

32) The foundation is made of poured concrete.

33) The inner sole is made of synthetic material.

34) The altar is made of granite stone.

35) His ninja outfit is made of blue denim.

36) The straw is traditionally made of silver.

37) The hull was made of rolled welded steel.

38) The idol is made of rare stone.

39) This shoulder band is usually made of cloth.