met with in a sentence

met with in a sentence

1) His efforts were met with considerable consternation.

2) His position was immediately met with fierce opposition.

3) These special sessions were met with great interest.


met with example sentences

4) The choice was met with considerable surprise.

5) The decision has met with mixed response.

6) The seventeenth edition met with mixed reactions.

7) The opening ceremony was met with positive reviews.

8) The training program met with encouraging results.

9) The soundtrack met with extremely positive reviews.

10) The tour was met with positive reviews.

11) His idea was initially met with disbelief.

12) The third season was met with mixed reception.

13) The private operator was initially met with skepticism.

14) Both parts were met with critical acclaim.

15) The episode was met with largely positive reviews.


example sentences with met with

16) Neither effort has been met with much success.

17) The film met with predominantly positive reviews.

18) Another attempt was met with intense mortar fire.

19) His performance was generally met with praise.

20) Other choices were met with greater support.

21) This approach has met with mixed results.

22) The album was met with mostly favorable reviews.

23) The piece was met with positive reviews.

24) Neither claim has met with support abroad.

25) The pilot was met with extremely positive critical reception.

26) The album was met with negative reviews.

27) This tour was met with mixed results.

28) The music video was met with popularity.


How to use met with in a sentence

29) The effort met with very little success.

30) The idea was met with criticism amongst various minority groups.

31) She was met with resistance almost everywhere.

32) The home console version was met with generally fair reviews.

33) The game was met with positive reception.

34) WrestleMania 2000 was met with mostly negative critical response.

35) The game was met with poor sales figures.

36) This plan was met with political opposition.

37) The event was met with mixed critical response.

38) The actual release was met with worldwide launch parties.

39) The concert was met with very positive reviews.

40) The game was met with mixed reviews.