naked eye in a sentence

naked eye in a sentence

1) The naked eye was plenty enough to behold history .

2) Stress lines are usually visible to the naked eye .

3) It is visible to the naked eyes .

naked eye example sentences

4) The naked eye did see the movement .

5) This makes individual pixels disappear for the naked eye .

6) This might escape notice with the naked eye .

7) All the internal organs looked pretty normal to the naked eye .

8) The grooves are not noticeable with the naked eye .

9) These features are not readily visible to the naked eye .

10) These two appearances are visible by the naked eye .

11) It is the least luminous star visible with the naked eye .

12) The valve is very hard to interpret with the naked eye .

13) Neutron stars probably appear white to the naked eye .

14) To the naked eye , it appeared distinctly orange in colour.

15) To the naked eye , it will generally appear brown.


example sentences with naked eye

16) Neither pathogen can be seen directly with the naked eye .

17) It is the only major galaxy visible with the naked eye .

18) Certainly it does as far as the naked eye is concerned.

19) I look her straight in the naked eye .

20) History : These planets are not observable by naked eye observations.

21) My insolent, naked eyes and sharp tongue.

22) Naked eye limiting mag of about 3.

23) Mites are very small, hardly visible to the naked eye .

24) To the naked eye the brain has a disturbingly homogeneous appearance.

25) Many plant parts are too small to distinguish with the naked eye .

26) Algedi is fairly easy to resolve with the naked eye .

27) To the naked eye , it looks like a fuzzy cloud.

28) To the naked eye the planet appears to be the same.


How to use naked eye in a sentence

29) Naked eyes will see that his rotations have gotten better .

30) Neptune is invisible to the naked eye as it is too dim.

31) So that was a na er that was a naked eye examination?

32) Crux boasts four Cepheid variables that reach naked eye visibility.

33) Now it is already visible to the naked eye from dark sites.

34) Visible to the naked eye in early November 2013 .

35) Well naked eye range I mean.

36) And it would have been visible with just the naked eye .

37) Unfortunately, this is usually impossible to achieve with the naked eye .

38) Keen-sighted people can distinguish them both with the naked eye .

39) Lovejoy will likely reach naked eye brightness by mid-November .

40) Before telescopes , scientists relied on the naked eye to discover supernovae.