natural attraction in a sentence

natural attraction in a sentence

1) Eight – check out local natural attractions .

2) Natural attractions are very common around the region.

3) Caves have been natural attractions since prehistoric times.

natural attraction example sentences

4) The area surrounding the falls is rich in natural attractions .

5) Groups also form due to natural attraction .

6) It also boasts a number of natural attractions .

7) The varied terrain has made for a number of natural attractions .

8) Southern Ontario has many beautiful natural attractions as well.

9) There are many natural attractions near Moncton.

10) Unique bird and wildlife only adds to the many natural attractions .

11) Most of the other natural attractions are situated on water sources.

12) Tourism is a growing industry given the state’s abundant natural attractions .

13) Huimanguillo has archeological sites and a number of natural attractions .

14) Amarillo has a number of natural attractions near the city.

15) The state has a variety of historic, cultural and natural attractions .


example sentences with natural attraction

16) He did not control the passion that was aroused by natural attraction .

17) Northern Australia has tremendous natural attractions for tourism and eco-tourism.

18) But what are the most beautiful of all these natural attractions ?

19) America is simply large, it blessed with an abundance of natural attractions .

20) Campbell Falls is one of New England’s most popular natural attractions .

21) With its history and great choice of natural attractions Cuba has much to offer.

22) Boys and Video Games: A natural attraction ?

23) Marvel at the spectacular natural attractions that are celebrated by our National Parks.

24) Its natural attractions of unmatched beauty delight visitors with a broad range of recreational activities.

25) The island has lots of natural attractions guaranteed to satisfy the most sophisticated nature lovers.

26) But what it lacks in size Runaway Bay makes up in natural attractions .

27) Beside interesting natural attractions in the park, carrier and tent are available for tourists.

28) Europe is abundantly rich in natural attractions and equally active in terms of protecting them.


How to use natural attraction in a sentence

29) Other nearby natural attractions include the Ocala National Forest and the Florida Trail.

30) The caves reopened in 1995 and remain one of the country’s key natural attractions .

31) Blackpool Sands stretch along the whole seafront and comprise the main natural attraction for tourists.

32) These natural attractions have given rise to world-class beach resort that cater to sun-loving vacationers.

33) So is the world ‘s greatest natural attraction about to be sold to the highest bidder?

34) The municipality has suffered severe deforestation, but it has natural attractions such as caves and rivers.

35) If the site has a natural attraction to intruders, and consequently regularly attracts intruders. 6.

36) Jinsixia boasts natural attractions such as caves and forests and the area is home to several tourist resorts .

37) The British could not get enough of his images of backwoods America and its natural attractions .

38) Covering 20 percent of the island, it will be almost impossible to bypass this natural attraction .

39) There is also tourism connected to the area’s beaches and natural attractions , which is still underdeveloped.