Now that in a sentence

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Now that school is over, you can go home.

Now that I am teacher, I think otherwise.

Now that I am a teacher, I think otherwise.

Now that Father is gone, we can talk freely.

Now that he has gone, we miss him very much.

She knows Now that he is not to be counted on.

I’m so drunk Now that I’m seeing two keyboards.

Now that his father was dead, he owned the store.

The house feels empty Now that the kids have gone.

Now that you have made your decision, you must act.

Now that he has quit his job, I can’t depend on him.

Now that I think over it, it’s somewhat embarrassing.

Now that he is old, it is your duty to look after him.

We don’t have much sway over our son Now that he’s 18.

Now that she has quit her job, we can’t depend on her.

Now that he is absent, I will have to work in his place.

Now that he is old, it is your duty to go look after him.

Now that you mention it, she also needs a bra and panties.

Now that I have a job, I can be independent of my parents.

What will become of the children Now that both parents are dead?

My son is eligible for a driver’s license Now that he is sixteen.

Now that I am well again, I want to study space science in college.

Now that pessimism prevails, the executive will abandon the project.

Now that you mention it.

Yeek, Hideki’s habits are rubbing off on me!
My wife and I hardly ever go out Now that we have a young baby.

Our committee has been dissolved Now that we have finished our report.

Doing my essays on the computer is a breeze Now that I know how to type.

This raise will certainly come in handy Now that Christmas is approaching.

Now that you have finished your task, you are free to go and play outside.

She is decidedly more relaxed Now that she has been in the job for a while.

Now that my brother is a university student, he has to do a lot of reading.

Now that my daughter is taller than me she loves to tease me about my height.

War will be a catastrophe for the world, Now that nuclear arms are so common.

The farmer’s field was full of empty corn stalks Now that the season had ended.

Now that we have more information, I think we should redraft our original plan.

Now that the boy was five, they had to think about which school to send him to.

So many cars have alarms Now that whenever one goes off, everyone just ignores it.

Traffic is once again flowing smoothly Now that the accident has been cleared away.

My wife and I are debating selling our house Now that the children have moved away.

Now that I think of it, where’s Tanimoto?

Playing the lone wolf, as always.

Now that you mention it, I wasn’t involved in the decisionmaking for the vital part.

Credit card fraud is a huge problem Now that people are buying stuff over the Internet.

Victory is finally within our grasp Now that the enemy has been chased from the capital.

Now that people can steal passwords, illegal impersonation is becoming a serious problem.

Now that the project has come to an end, I feel like I’ve finally come to a restingplace.

Maurice is afraid the girls will all think that he’s ugly Now that he has to wear glasses.

Now that you mention it, I remember he was a dashing man.

I wonder how he’s doing?

I didn’t have much appetite when I was sick, but Now that I’m feeling better, I’m starving.

Now that we’re in our new house, I have to inform the post office of the change of address.

His prospects for finding a better job are much greater Now that he has a bit of experience.

His reading skills will develop a little more quickly Now that he is getting extra attention.

A feeling of normality has returned to this quiet village Now that the killer is behind bars.

Relations between the former enemies are slowly normalizing Now that hostilities have ceased.

Now that the framework for the building is up, the carpenters can begin putting up the walls.

We’re thinking of buying a house Now that prices have come down considerably in the last year.

The two governments are trying to normalize relations, Now that the conflict has been resolved.

The children have grown very fond of our neighbors, and are upset Now that they are moving away.

His data is especially pertinent Now that a previous study has been shown to have been falsified.

Now that I have started my own business, I can offset the price of my computer against my revenues.

These commercial buildings have become redundant Now that the government has moved its offices out.

The band is looking for a new singer Now that their lead vocalist has decided to start a solo career.

Our apartment seems a little too cozy Now that we have a new baby, so we’re looking for a bigger place.

Now that he has won practically every amateur tournament he has entered, it is a good time to turn pro.

Of course.

Now that you say that, certainly Ms Tanaka wasn’t shot even once in the mock battles.

Now that I have a high-speed Internet connection, I can load pictures, songs, and video files in seconds.

My wife and I are considering adopting a child, Now that we know that we can never have a baby of our own.

Now that our daughter has grown up and moved away, we’re planning on converting her bedroom into an office.

The angle of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is so great Now that is looks like it might fall over at any moment.

The prisoner is expected to be executed within days, Now that his request for commutation has been refused.

Now that most people on our planet are living in large cities, our relationship with nature is less obvious.

My sister-in-law is diabetic, and she wears a special device Now that acts to keep her sugar levels constant.

Britain is seeking to normalize relations with its former colony Now that the battle for independence is over.

The threat of war has diminished Now that the government has withdrawn its troops from the disputed territory.

Now that the tent is up, we’d better pound some stakes into the ground to keep it from blowing around in the wind.

Now that you are a full-time employee, you are entitled to certain benefits, including medical, dental and pension.

His father is against the marriage, but his mom seems to be tilting in favor of it Now that she has met his fiancé.

Our apartment is really too small Now that we have a baby, but we are reluctant to give it up because the rent is so good.

Now that I think of it, I’ve been asked to look at a haiku he’d written by the tipsy bloke sitting next to me on the train.

The father of the children is petitioning the courts to allow him joint custody Now that his financial situation has improved.

We’re planning on renegotiating the mortgage on our house Now that interest rates have come down considerably in the last year.

There has been a steady decline in the number of refugees coming from Eastern Europe Now that the situation has stabilized there.

I think the decision was made somewhat prematurely, and Now that we have more information, I think we should re-examine the issue.

My daughter’s room was always a total mess when she was growing up, but Now that she has her own apartment, she keeps it very neat.

Now that she has finished a year at college, Sophie is contemplating changing from her fine arts program to a graphic arts program.

There is growing fear Now that the conflict could spread outside the boundaries of the old Yugoslavia, and into neighboring countries.

The speed of technological change is so great in some jobs Now that employees are obliged to continually study, and upgrade their skills.

Now that the civil war is over, the government is expected to announce an unconditional amnesty for members of the various rebel factions.

It’s very easy to drink potato shochu Now that the potatolike smell has been reduced to a low level through use of the latest biotechnology.

The chances for peace in the Middle East seem increasingly remote Now that talks between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders have broken off.

It is such a luxury for me to be able to sleep in on Saturdays Now that my children are a little older and don’t wake me up to play with them.

I had a nagging feeling that the atmosphere resembled somebody and, Now that you mention it, yes, you’re right.

Certainly ZZ TOP had this kind of feel.

Nancy Astor once stated, “I used to dread getting older because I thought I would not be able to do all the things I wanted to do, but Now that I am older, I find that I don’t want to do them.

Now that she’s pleaded guilty, Athol knows its time to move forward.

518971 Now that she’s 24, she has her mind set on anyone but him.”””

Will people watch longer stories Now that they can do so hands-free?

She’s better off Now that she hasn’t played that much, Mustonen said.

Or will he change course, Now that he’s seen a different way to live?

But Now that Paige knows her parents are spies, the situation changes.

131968 But no one can say Now that the Pats didn’t know it was coming.

There is nothing right Now that suggest that this is criminal, he said.

And Now that phrase is at the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement.

This is especially true Now that Russia is co-leading these atrocities.

It’s unclear what Milke plans to do Now that her criminal case is over.

Now that‘s easy to say but it’s actually a considerable challenge to do..

Now that‘s a threat that would make me think twice about what I’m doing.”

Now that Omar is gone, Baghdadi’s IS could attract many Taliban fighters.

518932 Now that Justin Trudeau is going to be PM, will he channel his dad?

Now that we’re bringing them back, we have to learn how to get used to it.”

Now that we have exhausted the Macro- approach, let’s try micro for a while.

Now that Davis is the county clerk, her son, Nathan, is one of her deputies.

But Now that this method is public knowledge, there’s nothing stopping them.

But the template is being altered Now that a new bidding process is in place.

What is it our intelligence community is not doing Now that needs to be done?

Now that‘s a guy who will definitely know how to jump start a car, I thought.

Now that they are all united with the same currency, everyone is complaining.

519048 “Now that they’re dead, he wants to stay here in Kobani next to them.”

Now that you have that image, start working towards it with exercise and diet.

Are they designing a web site right Now that‘s all about disclosing the emails?

Now that she can afford it though, MacAskill has decided not to buy the land.

Now that’s not to say waning job creation in August and September was a mirage.

But Now that you’re talking about it, I will pick it up and watch, Backer said.

That figure seems likely to change Now that it’s been tailored for the desktop.

518916 Now that I see them all cute and dressed up, I want to squeeze them all.”

Now that we have won these two we have a little bit more life now,” Romar said.

We kind of laugh about it Now that we’re in the Grey Cup and those teams aren’t.