obvious that in a sentence

It is obvious that he is right.

It’s obvious that you told a lie.

It was obvious that he was lying.

It’s obvious that he’s in the wrong.

It was obvious that they had told a lie.

It seems obvious that he is unable to swim.

It’s obvious that she doesn’t care about us.

It is obvious that he is a good businessman because he is very rich.

The man was stumbling as he crossed the road, and it was obvious that he was drunk.

It was glaringly obvious that Henry wasn’t up to the job, he couldn’t do anything without help.

The major ordered his men to retreat when it became obvious that they were heavily outnumbered.

It’s obvious that Roger is unhappy about something.

He’s been walking around looking depressed all day.

I think it’s pretty obvious that she isn’t interested in going out with you.

She always avoids you whenever you see her in the hall, and always finds an excuse to say no when you ask her out.

“They have an awful attitude; it is just obvious that they don’t care.

Is it not obvious that this is completely irrelevant and a distraction?

It soon became obvious that this could not be achieved without private investments.

It’s obvious that the problems with health and education are out-of-control inflation.

It seems pretty obvious that he has little respect for them when he refuses to sign it.

365937 In recent days it has become obvious that when it comes to the question of how..”

We are honest only with each other, and it is obvious that what we are doing won’t work.

It was obvious that the primary concern of the fishers is erosion and sediment potential.

405564 It’s already obvious that Google remembers every text search you perform on its site.

New smiles, for free For the volunteers, however, it is obvious that something needs to be done.

It is obvious that there was a slush fund within the German World Cup bid, said the 70-year-old.

It’s obvious that a lot of folks are Office aficionados who also happen to own an Android tablet.

From the autumn of 1993 it became increasingly obvious that a catastrophe in Rwanda was imminent.

Al-Assad said it was obvious that Oman had a role to play in helping to resolve the Syrian crisis.

It’s increasingly obvious that Obama’s vaunted “surge” in Afghanistan has been a complete failure.

We didn’t have motives and desire to do that, and it is obvious that Ukrainians have them, he said.

I can’t say about desire, but motive is obvious that the crash of this plane was beneficial to them.

It’s painfully obvious that Sony intended there to be an Xperia Z4 to launch alongside the Z4 Tablet.