orchestrate in a sentence

The entire operation was being orchestrated from thousands of miles away.

The question became: who were these men and who orchestrated the break-in?

He operates in the shadows, leaving his underlings to orchestrate his mandates.

Authorities later determined that both heists were orchestrated by a single group.

And here’s how the whole thing was orchestrated behind the scenes, if you must know.

They claim Hernandez rounded up some friends and orchestrated a hit, to settle the score.

But Hunting Elephants loses any goodwill when the poorly orchestrated heist is played out.

Prosecutors haven’t said who pulled the trigger but say Hernandez orchestrated the killing.

422665 It was extremely well orchestrated,”” said coach Pete Carroll of the audacious feat.”

Prosecutors haven’t said who pulled the trigger but said Hernandez orchestrated the killing.

The CIA helped orchestrate the overthrow of the government in the 1950s and installed the shah.

282794 He said it had been “orchestrated… by governing bodies that I know well” to tarnish him.

706422 The debate on the constitution is a false debate orchestrated by the presidential majority.”