panic attack in a sentence

panic attack in a sentence

1) I had one panic attack years ago.

2) She has never worked and suffers panic attacks .

3) Many symptoms may occur during a panic attack .

panic attack example sentences

4) I started having these crazy panic attacks .

5) Panic attacks typically begin suddenly, without warning.

6) A number of symptoms characterizing the panic attack .

7) He further mentioned the implications for understanding panic attacks .

8) His initial difficulty was that he had panic attacks .

9) I am allowing myself to expose to panic attacks .

10) I suffered panic attacks with greater and greater frequency.

11) What medication and drugs are best for panic attacks ?

12) Continue tapping until the anxiety or panic attack has subsided.

13) I suffer from the occasional panic attack .

14) I had my first panic attack yesterday.

15) Anxiety or panic attacks can cause breathing difficulties.


example sentences with panic attack

16) Copper toxicity is very common in cases of panic attacks .

17) Many people experience panic attacks without further episodes or complications.

18) Paula had her first panic attack 6 months ago.

19) Panic attacks tend to affect more women than men.

20) Almost everyone experiencing symptoms of a panic attack needs evaluation.

21) Sometimes using medication to control panic attacks involves trial and error.

22) Other students with severe anxiety will often experience panic attacks .

23) Flanagan had previously been suffering from panic attacks on set.

24) She also suffers from occasional panic attacks .

25) The effects of a panic attack vary.

26) I used to have horrible panic attacks too.

27) A panic attack is a very serious episode of fear.

28) The means and methods to cure panic attacks without drugs .


How to use panic attack in a sentence

29) A panic disorder is distinguished by intense anxiety or panic attacks .

30) Most panic attacks last for between 5 and 20 minutes .

31) I almost went into a panic attack .

32) Most clients find the panic attacks then simply fade away.

33) Please see here for best panic attack therapies .

34) I told them I had panic attacks .

35) I’d never wish panic attacks on anyone!

36) Often, manifestations called panic attacks can develop.

37) In many cases, medication is used to stop panic attacks .

38) Panic attack’s power can reach level 5.

39) My wife’s symptoms include panic attacks and headaches.

40) Lastly, panic attacks caused by anxiety may cause chest pain.