path for in a sentence

path for in a sentence

1) Web syndication services may provide alternate paths for content.

2) The search path for the cd command.

3) The native forest is filled with paths for hiking.

path for example sentences

4) This negotiation sets the path for compromise.

5) Special paths for this sport are almost everywhere.

6) The optional relative path for Position data.

7) We identified three distinct social paths for social, illustrated below.

8) The traditional academic career path for newly qualified postdocs is changing.

9) More people are going for alternative paths for health.

10) We save ourselves by forging a path for others.

11) That is seen as the path for growth.

12) This was a fairly standard path for a constructor.

13) The $PATH defined the search path for commands.

14) It moved northwest, an unusual path for tornadoes.

15) Everyone has to find their own path for themselves.


example sentences with path for

16) The lower jaw is the primary reception path for the echoes.

17) Just completely set the right path for me.

18) New markets are a likely growth path for Apple .

19) The current spans have narrow paths for cyclists and pedestrians .

20) They are forging a brand new path for themselves.

21) Not exactly a typical career path for an artist.

22) Tengri has given different paths for man.

23) The area provides numerous signposted paths for biking and hiking.

24) You never ever show any salvation path for gentiles.

25) Maybe advocacy is a path for you, too.

26) I’ve selected a straight line path for the plane.

27) That’s the other path for nuclear weapons.

28) They quickly stood aside, making a path for me.


How to use path for in a sentence

29) It’s basically a chance crossing of paths for tonight.

30) And this maybe the right path for China.

31) There is no benefit of full path for the average user.

32) Instead, use UNC paths for scheduled jobs.

33) There are miles of well kept paths for walking or cycling.

34) Make straight paths for him.? ?

35) It is a wandering path for many of us.

36) He has laid out a phenomenal path for me.

37) The canal was not provided with a towing path for horses.

38) The truth will make a path for itself.

39) for AM stations DRM offers a growth path for broadcasters.

40) It’s a narrow path for Romney.