prescribed with in a sentence

prescribed with in a sentence

1) The drugs interacting with ACE inhibitor should be prescribed with caution.

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2) Belle is prescribed with painkillers to help combat her anxiety disorder.

3) Prescribed with a further double course of antibiotics.

prescribed with example sentences

4) Topical or oral antifungal drugs are prescribed with growing frequency.

5) He was prescribed with antipsychotic medications, and his condition improved rapidly.

6) Avandia could be prescribed with those drugs or on its own .

7) Statins are frequently prescribed with antibiotics.

8) The postnominals for university graduates are prescribed with the abbreviation “GlasCal”.

9) In these cases, patients will be prescribed with treatment that may include surgery.

10) Having been prescribed with Prozac she found herself stuck and unable to move forward.

11) Drinking of panchagavya and feeding of twenty-five Brahmins is prescribed with the rite.

12) Alprazolam is also often prescribed with instances of hypersomnia and co-morbid sleep deficits.

13) Immersed to gaining, drawing in department is prescribed with an accessed cell of tobacco.

14) Hello All, I was prescribed with Citalopram about 12 years ago for panic attacks.

15) Previous studies found no proof that statin users consumed more after being prescribed with the medication.


example sentences with prescribed with

16) Other offerings was prescribed with the sheaf offering (Lev 23:13-22).

17) Room name again provides of developmental rituals prescribed with the generic lipitor company bottom uniform of processing contents.

18) In addition, triptans should be prescribed with caution for those with risk factors for vascular disease.

19) Sufficient quantities of medication should be prescribed with instructions to start treatment as soon as symptoms begin.

20) Benzodiazepines and in particular nitrazepam and flunitrazepam should therefore be prescribed with caution in the elderly.

21) Medication alone is generally not indicated for this personality disorder, but fluoxetine has been prescribed with success.

22) In other words , it may not be being prescribed with the generally considered thinking of long-term suppression.

23) Potassium and magnesium supplements are often prescribed with diuretics to replace these minerals, which are excreted in urine.

24) When experiencing the first symptoms of shingles, anti-virals work best if prescribed with 72hrs of the symptoms.

25) The person who is prescribed with medications for the treatment of a certain disease can experience bouts of persistent chills.

26) For those aged 12-18, medication should be prescribed with the consent of the treated adolescent, preferably in combination with behavioral therapy.

27) In December, Roy accompanies Hayley to a hospital appointment where she tells the nurse that her pain is getting worse and she is prescribed with stronger painkillers.