question mark in a sentence

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All these things were just really big question marks.”
A question mark, illustrating his distrust, is drawn above his head.
Although there is a question mark over whether the public would accept it.
And with Marshawn Lynch banged up, their running game is still one giant, glistening question mark.
App Store search and discovery is a series of question marks waiting to be filled in. The thing just isn’t finished.
After last season’s heroics in finishing third, a summer which proved costly has provided immediate question marks over the months ahead.
“Anything that has to go through the Ukrainian parliament has a huge question mark attached to it,” said Eugene Rumer of the Carnegie center.
Add to that the remarkably high line and odd personnel selection, and it’s clear to see why some of Guardiola’s decisions have seen question marks appear.
A mission with many question marks 24.06.2015 Following the deaths of hundreds of migrants in the Mediterranean, the EU is aiming to dismantle the networks of smugglers.