ran into in sentence

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He ran into debt.

I ran into a tree.

He ran into the room.

He ran into the train.

The car ran into a tree.

He ran into the classroom.

I ran into her in the street.

The car ran into a guardrail.

His bike ran into a guardrail.

His car ran into the Iron Gate.

I’m really happy I ran into you.

I ran into an old friend of mine.

Who do you think I ran into today?

I just ran into her on the street.

You ran into him earlier, didn’t you?

I ran into Mary at a party last week.

We ran into each other at the airport.

I ran into the classroom out of breath.

On my way to work, I ran into my uncle.

I ran into an old friend three days ago.

I ran into an old friend at Tokyo Station.

I ran into Mr Yoshiyuki at Shibuya station.

I ran into an old friend of mine this morning.

We made good time until we ran into a blizzard.

Riding my bicycle, the boy ran into a big rock.

I ran into my friend at the theater last night.

He ran into the room with his hat and overcoat on.

At Narita Airport, I ran into an old friend of mine.

The raccoon ran into a hollow log to escape from the dogs.

The child tumbled over the chair when he ran into the room.

As the pioneers travelled west, they often ran into Indians.

While walking down a street, he ran into an old friend of his.

She was breathless with excitement when she ran into the room.

The student brushed by his friends and ran into the classroom.

The children burst out laughing when a dog ran into their classroom.

The accident was precipitated by a child that ran into the road after her ball.

My sister fractured my father’s rib when she ran into him while playing squash.

The traffic accident was triggered by a cat that ran into the road in front of a car.

Two police officers tried to restrain him, but he broke away and ran into a nearby house.

I ran into an old colleague at a conference, and we went out for a beer after the workshop.

Good morning.

You’re a bit late today aren’t you?

Yes, I ran into a bit of trouble.

She heard a smash, and ran into the kitchen.

The cat had knocked a bottle of wine off the counter.

After I heard a loud boom, I ran into the room, where I found that the cat had knocked over a pile of books.

We ran into some complications installing the software on your computer, so we’ll have to try again tomorrow.

The driver of the car had to swerve suddenly to avoid hitting a young child who ran into the street after a ball.

143080 But we weren’t going to tell anyone unless you ran into her.”

I ran into Mo crossing the street in front of the Rafik Hariri mosque.

“I wasn’t expecting it, she just kind of ran into me and gave me a hug.

Police say the victims were shot outside and ran into a home for cover.

They got into a verbal argument and then the guy ran into him backwards.”

Isonics later ran into financial trouble and the stock was delisted in 2008.

All that ran into the sand,” the note, entitled “skeletons in cupboards,” adds.

770803 The problem the 23-year-old ran into was getting into trouble late in his outings.

Gliniewicz told dispatchers the men ran into a swampy area, and he requested a second unit.

Details have emerged of the terrifying situation as the ship ran into trouble Monday night.

I ran into some stereotyping within the factory, Rasmussen said of her first day on the job.

The victim ran into the store after seeing Coronel, whom she had a restraining order against.

Happ ran into trouble early and forced home the first run with the bases-loaded walk to Soler.

The bank ran into trouble after taking over Dresdner Bank in the midst of the financial crisis.

That’s a shame, I said: We just ran into one up this little tourist trail, not an hour from here.

“We wanted to get to that state championship, but we ran into a really good team in Northeastern.

But the effort ran into fierce opposition from the NRA, conservative lawmakers and some Democrats.

Russia ran into trouble on bars when star Viktoria Komova slipped off in the middle of her routine.

El Faro was heading from Jacksonville, Florida, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, when it ran into trouble.

431498 I was in NYC and I ran into Jennifer Lawrence,”” Kardashian told the U.K. newspaper The Sun.”

325894 If I stripped down to my undies and ran into the street shouting hey fuckers, I’m beautiful!”

The pair ran into traffic in the 500 block of Redwood Avenue around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, police said.

More people end up dead and the other two P.I.s Spenser ran into disappear.

As Meeks ran into the street, Fontaine fatally shot her, he then fired a second shot into her mother.

PiSENLAV As destiny then carried out its course, Benmark ran into a highschool friend named Kate Lozano (Main Vocals).

Yusef goes on to explain that he knew it was wrong the minute he lit the match, and that he ran into the house to save her.

The allied ships ran into a heavy Japanese force, and after a short battle Thanet was sunk and Vampire was forced to withdraw.

Tony, however, ran into trouble when his mother was detained at airport security for using tickets he gave her from the Scatino bust out.

The “Save Belmont Coalition” credits Caleb Dorsey and his brother as building several iron forges on the creeks that ran into the nearby Patapsco River.

Jerusalem: The Jerusalem Zoo Educational Series, p. 13. Early on, the zoo ran into several difficulties in its decision to focus on animals mentioned in the Bible.

Link-up and refueling with the tankers ran into problems.

The gym ran into financial problems, and Károlyi ended up buying the gym.

Marriage As soon as Uuno and Elizabeth were married their marriage ran into trouble.

The 2002 season when the club ran into major financial difficulties proved to be the last one for the club.

Johnny’s surfing career came to an end when a car ran into him after he ran after Ryan at a surfing contest.

Criminal path Bonnot was married to Sophie-Louise Burdet in August 1901, but soon ran into problems at work.

Crash and Eddie joined Ellie in trying to escape the flood, but soon ran into trouble when they were trapped in a cave.

Bliss ran into Reeves’s bedroom and found George Reeves dead, lying across his bed, naked and face up, his feet on the floor.

The programme ran into serious problems in the late 1950s because the technology required was too advanced to meet an in-service target date of 1969.

Meanwhile, Skywalk project ran into dead end when Mandy decided to use all resources and her promotion to deprive Skywalk from being covered by media and public.

Avro had originally intended to use one of three different engines from the UK (one produced under license in the US), but all of these projects ran into delays.

The leopard ran into the brush, and did not return.

Closure The school ran into financial difficulty in 1994.

Summary Several front-runners ran into problems on stage eleven.

Envirocare ran into multiple problems, primarily dealing with funding.

Off Brest, he ran into twelve British ships of the line blockading the port.

McSween later ran into legal problems in connection with his savings and loan.

They ran into 15th Panzer Division just south of Deir el Shein and drove it west.

In 1837 Ricci ran into financial problems, brought about mainly by his extravagant life-style.

Then Cody broke through the line on the last play and practically ran into Daniel Lincoln’s low kick.

A power company employee, spotting the problem, ran into the powerhouse and told everyone to flee for their lives.

The deal ran into hurdles after the government of Gabon had come out against the deal, but later approved the sale.

Kendrick soon ran into trouble with the Japanese, who kept some samurai to make sure things did not get out of hand.

Daimler ran into financial problems because sales were not high enough and the licences didn’t yield significant profit.

Human Tornado ran into the ring to save Gowen, forcing Kennedy to retreat to the stage, where Scott D’Amore met with him.

However, Lü Bu ran into Cao Cao’s troops outside the city and was unable to break out of the siege so he had to turn back.

In December 1996, Tigers again ran into money troubles, but were saved by Ken Crickmore, who listed them on the OFEX stock market.

Schema See also: :Schema (Kant) Kant ran into a problem with his theory that the mind plays a part in producing objective knowledge.

Alluvial plains and deltas spread from the uplands surrounding the area where London now stands and eventually ran into this great lake.

In 1950 much of the field got off their bikes and ran into the Mediterranean at Ste-Maxime.

Claims of membership in the NFF ran into the millions, but its core activists were mostly party members.

RISC II While the RISC I design ran into delays, work at Berkeley had already turned to the new Blue design.

The crossing was nearly complete when, not far from the American shore, they ran into winds of more than 50 knots.

Meanwhile, Jean Ribault’s fleet ran into the same hurricane that had bedeviled the Spanish approach to Fort Caroline.

Bodley ran into Lawrence one day outside the Paris Peace Conference and told him of his intent to move into politics.

” Samuel then went on to explain a few days afterwards his cow suddenly went mad and ran into a pond drowning herself.

Chapman and Andretti ran into each other in a hotel coffee shop the morning after the race, and decided to join forces.

She, however, would not pay off, and ran into the Abbey, stem on, causing the damage mentioned, besides carrying away her bowsprit.

Reliever Pedro Borbón, Jr. saved the 5-2 win after Mark Wohlers ran into trouble, and the Braves were one victory away from a title.

Grace ran into the burning barn to try to save her friend’s horse and, as she searched, a burning beam broke and crashed onto her, trapping her.

Davidson ran the mill until 1896 when he ran into financial difficulties and the mill was sold by auction on 17 March 1896 at the Black Boys Inn.

The company drilled many dry holes and ran into trouble, as investors began to balk at pouring more money into drilling with no oil to show for it.

The former M-60 that ran into Buchanan was renumbered M-174 at the time, and the department extended US 112 concurrently along M-60 to New Buffalo.

“An American Engineer in China” by Wm. Barclay Parsons, New York 1900 Construction delayed The American syndicate soon ran into all kinds of difficulties.

Indeed Zoetemelk and Poulidor had finished first and second after the prologue while Ocaña crashed during the first stage when a dog ran into the peloton.

The building ran into intense opposition (including most prominently Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis ) who were concerned it would cast a shadow on Central Park.

Vicious circle With more than 50% of all consumers in Sofia refusing to pay their bills, Toplofikacia ran into debt with the Bulgarian energy provider Bulgargas.

Simon ran into Frank as he was coming out of the water at Narrabeen with a board that was essentially a twin fin with a strange little “half moon” shaped fin on the tail.

Adding Iran into the mix is expected to send prices lower.
A motorcyclist was killed hours earlier when he ran into the back of a parked car.
As they were walking away, the victim made a break for it and ran into the library.
After the search, the man ran into a nearby field and was chased by officers on foot.
A police spokesman said: “The horse is reported to have ran into the road from a nearby field.
At a record release party in January 1991, Dre ran into Barnes, which led to a vicious attack.
Anju Parmar, who witnessed that collision from her garden, said the suspect ran into oncoming traffic.
At one point, he stopped the truck and ran into nearby woods, but surrendered when surrounded by cops.
After that I ran into him a few times and Gale Hurd and I, being Corman alums, watched him skyrocketing.
A friend of his, who was driving a Sprinter to France, drifted out of his lane near Rastatt and ran into a truck.
After Nikita Whitlock ran into punter Donnie Jones to give Philadelphia a first down at its 28, Murray took over.
After idolizing him for years, Smith ran into him by chance in an elevator, and managed to sit down and speak with him.
Alejandro Diaz ran into it and had a point-blank shot from 3 yards in front of the net, but slammed it off the left post.
A: No. Mother Jodi Routh has told numerous news outlets that she ran into Kyle at the school where she serves as an aide.
At 22, he was working for a Minsk car dealership when he ran into a former classmate named Sergey Semashko on the subway.
Autumn was flying with her grandparents, Leland and Sharon Bowman, in a small private plane when it apparently ran into trouble.
After Cuomo’s triumph at the 1984 convention, Arkansas’ young governor Bill Clinton ran into his counterpart from Colorado, Dick Lamm.
A truck loaded with building materials apparently lost its brakes and ran into the crowd Wednesday on a main street in the town of Mazapil.
And guard Iman Shumpert suffered a left shoulder injury in the first quarter when he ran into a screen set by Golden State’s Draymond Green.
As Bates rushed to get to Olsen, he ran into EMT Bob Livingston and together they sprinted up two flights of stairs to reach Olsen’s office.
A neighbor, Steve Helmer, his wife and young daughter heard the gunfire and then later ran into Dunham’s wife outside their apartment building.
After coming together in the corner in the second period when Dubinsky ran into Crosby, the two grabbed each other’s jerseys and began swinging away.
Bass went on to point out that Al Gore and George W. Bush also ran into this problem because Tennessee and Texas also do not register voters by party.
After colliding with the police car, the Toyota continued forward and ran into the Pretty Paws business at the corner of Anson Avenue and Norman Street.
A U.S. government source said Russia had been flying cruise missiles over Iran into Syria in attacks on rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
A meeting in Houston between negotiators for the United Steelworkers union (USW) and Shell Oil Co, representing U.S. refinery owners, ran into Tuesday night.
An Army statement says three to five men got out of the first car and ran into woods, but officers arrested the driver of the second vehicle and found a gun.
After Dekoda Watson ran into Martin to keep the drive alive, the 14-play drive ended with Reggie Bush badly faking Orlando Scandrick on an 18-yard scoring run.
Around that time, Finck — best known as the guitarist for Nine Inch Nails — ran into Devolver Digital co-founder Mike Wilson in a fairly unconventional place.
3. Bravery versus the cold and the darkness Lionel Louison’s bravery was called on in 2012, when he ran into Great Bear Lake to save a suicidal man life from drowning.
After scattering five hits with six strikeouts through the first six frames, DeSclafani ran into trouble in the seventh when pinch hitter Jaff Decker led off with a double.
Back in March, comedian Trevor Noah ran into the ire of the Internet for controversial tweets that were noticed a day after he was announced as the new host of “The Daily Show.”
After receiving a pass back from Howard, he ran into a fatal double team that caused him to lose control of the ball and end up falling to the ground as the final buzzer sounded.
A photo posted by Nick Mundy (@dickfundy) on May 21, 2015 at 10:06am PDT Johnson ordained to make it official A frazzled Mundy later ran into Johnson, who was dressed in a tuxedo.