ready for in a sentence

ready for in a sentence

1) The session bean instance is again ready for client methods.

2) All 51 were deemed ready for takeoff!

3) We are always ready for leadership transitions.

ready for example sentences

4) The finished cone ready for bubble making.

5) The procedure continues until building is ready for occupancy.

6) Four finished wild turkey feeders ready for installation.

7) Its success had everyone ready for more .

8) There are many kids already ready for adoption .

9) The technology is nowhere near being ready for commercial production .

10) The men were getting ready for blast off.

11) We were exhausted and ready for bed!

12) Come ready for colorful fun and adventure.

13) The world is ready for your love.

14) The logging operations were either already underway or ready for auction.

15) Their community canning plant was then ready for operation.


example sentences with ready for

16) The herbs are now ready for drying.

17) The teams are ready for the adventure.

18) These souls are at last ready for more serious responsibilities.

19) The stalks are now ready for braking.

20) I am 25 years old and ready for anything.

21) No embryo is immediately ready for the outside world.

22) We were ready for the next step.

23) Is everyone ready for some grammar lessons?

24) Not everyone was ready for these discoveries.

25) The bar fire had been lit ready for the customers.

26) Get ready for a very special tour.

27) The malt is now ready for brewing.

28) At last all things were ready for starting.


How to use ready for in a sentence

29) Have 70 cents ready for the toll booth.

30) The carrier aircraft were ready for sustained combat operations on arrival.

31) The team is ready for the comeback.

32) She is always ready for walks and hikes too.

33) Get ready for some high class retail therapy.

34) Be ready for some possible sticker shock.

35) We are ready for an exciting soccer season.

36) It has been factory tested and is ready for operation.

37) Now the crown is ready for elastic.

38) The servants setting the tables ready for supper were summarily dismissed.

39) This water is now ready for consumption.

40) But democratic capitalism stands ready for criticism and change.