remain unchanged in a sentence

remain unchanged in a sentence

1) This line remained unchanged until early 1945.

2) The signal control centre building remains unchanged .

3) The level has remained unchanged since 2000.

remain unchanged example sentences

4) The amount has remained unchanged since 2006.

5) The character inside the cursor remains unchanged .

6) The foreground and background colours remain unchanged .

7) The total health level of aggravated damage remains unchanged .

8) The output targets for locally planned commodities remain unchanged .

9) The cold weather package also remained unchanged .

10) The score remained unchanged until the second period.

11) It says the reactors temperature remained unchanged .

12) This trend remained unchanged for many years until 1970.

13) The business loop has remained unchanged since its establishment.

14) Australia remained unchanged since the second test.

15) The tax deduction on mortgage interest payments remains unchanged .


example sentences with remain unchanged

16) The lift line above the original bottom terminal remained unchanged .

17) The closing credits picture remained unchanged from season three.

18) Local sales taxes on groceries remained unchanged .

19) The overall standings remained unchanged among the major competitors.

20) The engine otherwise remained unchanged from 1971.

21) But the previous administrative machinery remained unchanged .

22) The 307 engine remained unchanged for station wagons.

23) The names remain unchanged since reunification in 1989.

24) And the standard deviation equations remain unchanged .

25) These boundaries would remain unchanged until 1916.

26) The official physical description remains unchanged and is considered reliable.

27) These field markings remained unchanged until the 1996 season.

28) The experience required to reach level 30 remains unchanged .


How to use remain unchanged in a sentence

29) The unused axis in each rotation remains unchanged .

30) Corporation tax remains unchanged at thirty five percent.

31) The basic and forty percent income tax rates remain unchanged .

32) And yet illegal drug use has remained unchanged .

33) This rate has remained unchanged for 15 years.

34) The second monkey’s health remained unchanged .

35) The horse’s connections remained unchanged through 2013.

36) While survival rates soared , reproductive rates remained unchanged .

37) It was the site which had remained unchanged .

38) It is the book that has remained unchanged !

39) But the underlying principles of international exchange remain unchanged .

40) Authorization under the completed tour of duty agreement remains unchanged .