remains unknown in a sentence


whereabouts of in a sentence

1) The whereabouts of at least 35 journalists are unknown.

2) The whereabouts of others who were abducted are still unknown.

3) The current whereabouts of the heart clock are unknown.


whereabouts of example sentences

4) The whereabouts of the missing girls are still unknown.

5) The whereabouts of hundreds of more bodies remain unknown.

6) The current whereabouts of the whales are unknown.

7) The whereabouts of this material is sometimes discovered unexpectedly.

8) The whereabouts of this latter material remains unknown.

9) The whereabouts of these paintings is currently unknown.

10) The whereabouts of the flight data recorder were later unknown.

11) The whereabouts of the original remain unknown.

12) The whereabouts of her ashes is unknown.

13) The whereabouts of the last fragment are unknown.

14) The present whereabouts of this aircraft are unclear.

15) The whereabouts of the ball are currently unknown.


use whereabouts of in a sentence

16) The whereabouts of six of those 12 are known.

17) The subsequent whereabouts of the replica are unknown.

18) The whereabouts of this female petitioner are still unknown.

19) The whereabouts of the missing half sock is unknown.

20) The whereabouts of other members was not known.

21) The whereabouts of these items is not known.

22) Plaintiff had knowledge of whereabouts of jewels at contract formation.

23) The whereabouts of the 274th Regiment was equally unclear.

24) The current whereabouts of this Mini remain unknown.

25) The whereabouts of many other senior Brotherhood politicians are unknown .

26) The whereabouts of all but six are unknown .

27) The whereabouts of Ward’s bones today are unknown.

28) The Prosecutor had information concerning the whereabouts of the accused.


How to use whereabouts of in a sentence

29) Clare becomes suspicious over the whereabouts of Sean.

30) Does anyone know the whereabouts of an old friend?

31) The whereabouts of the cutter and the gig were unknown.

32) The present whereabouts of the balustrade is unknown.

33) The whereabouts of the hijacker are still unknown.

34) The whereabouts of most of the approximately 700 passengers is unknown.

35) A short film about the nature and whereabouts of joy.

36) The whereabouts of many former rioters are not disclosed in available sources.

37) However, whereabouts of several of them are not certain.

38) Know their whereabouts of your ex, children or employees.

39) Police is aware of the whereabouts of Raja Singh.

1) It remains unknown why this name was chosen.

2) The meaning of secret resurrect remains unknown .

3) The precise cause of schizophrenia remains unknown .


remains unknown example sentences

4) The singing soldier’s fate remains unknown .

5) The source of the money remains unknown .

6) The cause of the fire remains unknown .

7) Much remains unknown about the galactic center.

8) The mechanism of this phenomenon remains unknown .

9) The total number of injuries during the strike remains unknown .

10) What happens to the daughter remains unknown .

11) The whereabouts of this latter material remains unknown .

12) The identity of the bacterial agent remains unknown .

13) The future of the mall remains unknown .

14) The cause of the accident remains unknown .

15) The source of this precipitation remains unknown .


use remains unknown in a sentence

16) When and why it became extinct remains unknown .

17) The source of the injury remains unknown .

18) The derivation of the name remains unknown .

19) The source of these recordings still remains unknown .

20) The “inventor” of the electric washing machine remains unknown .

21) The origin of the disease itself remains unknown .

22) Whether this was based on truth remains unknown .

23) The exact cause of her death remains unknown .

24) But its future direction remains unknown and indeterminate.

25) The date of the initial expansion remains unknown .

26) The precise location of the grave remains unknown .

27) The origin of the vocabulary remains unknown .

28) The source of the infection remains unknown .


How to use remains unknown in a sentence

29) The motive for the murder remains unknown .

30) The cause of the crash remains unknown .

31) They disappear and their loss simply remains unknown .

32) He remains unknown , and indeed unwanted.

33) The precise identity of “John” therefore remains unknown .

34) The identity of agent “V 49” remains unknown .

35) The number of Chinese illegal immigrants remains unknown .

36) The number of tractors built before serial numbers were assigned remains unknown .

37) The mechanism by which this occurred remains unknown .

38) The location of the coronation also remains unknown .

39) The true identity of the authors of those reports remains unknown .