sale potential in a sentence

sale potential in a sentence

1) DPR is most interested in reviewing cameras with strong sales potential .

2) Do you look at the sales potential of your work?

3) Exporting greatly increases your sales potential .

4) The relationship between these two factors can be an indication of sales potential .

5) Calloway estimated the sales potential of such a book at one million copies worldwide.

6) BDSI estimates annual peak sales potential for this product in excess of $ 300 million .

7) Where your book does have real international sales potential , you need to be more tactical.

8) Network operators and their media partners can thus offer new services and tap new sales potential .

9) In turn, this can deter manufacturers from producing vehicles that they judge have lower sales potential .

10) Ease of access to the beach or countryside may also be a factor ultimately affecting sales potential .

11) Such a forecast of sales potential may be a crucial input into sales, production and budgetary planning.

12) You ‘ll receive store credit after they’ve determined the value of your item based on sales potential .

13) From this the company can make the necessary changes and see the sales potential of the product.

14) Whether radio accepted “Sober” was considered key in determining the sales potential of “My December”.

15) Tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will help your sales team maximize their sales potential .

16) Matthew is tasked with helping FRIMA realise the huge sales potential of the VarioCooking Center in the UK.

17) Particularly in the United States, this narrower model was seen as compromised, thus limiting its sales potential .

18) But the Alto was never commercially sold, as Xerox itself could not see the sales potential of it.

19) Acclaim re-issued the game for the 1997 holiday season due to its sales potential for the increased console player base.

20) Review your immediate sales program to decide your real sales potential within the next month, three months or six months.

21) Effective consumer target marketing depends in part on finding or forecasting the areas of highest sales potential for any particular product.

22) Real estate agents are well aware that the visual aspects of an area strongly influence the sales potential of a property.

23) According to Peacock’s Don Robey, these songs were “bastardizations” of the original and reduced its sales potential .

24) For best sales potential , stock photos must have context and end users should be able to apply a multitude of concepts.

25) Each of these geographical markets represents tremendous sales potential and we are excited by what franchising can mean to us long term.

26) sales potential : Discuss the salability of the horse and provide the owner with a list of known sales barns in their area.

27) Although it was expected that enthusiasts would show interest in the MGF, this was regarded as a smaller market in terms of sales potential .

28) In 1984, Walter Hayes paid visits to many European Ford dealers in order to survey the sales potential for the Sierra RS Cosworth.