sales tax in a sentence

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A customs officer at the airport, she helped them claim back their VAT (sales tax) before leaving the country.

For example, all the people who work at Boeing pay taxes, sales taxes and property taxes among them.

Part of the deal going through city council would raise sales tax at the proposed site by one percent.

Sales of real estate, including home purchases, are not subject to sales tax, according to state law.

That referendum would raise the county’s sales tax by a quarter-penny to fund teacher pay raises.

The measure extends a 0.5 percent sales tax to fund the clinics to 2034 from 2019.

Where is our sales tax money going that is supposed to be used to repair our streets?

You cannot rely on such a rosy scenario that exports could offset the impact of a sales tax hike.”

• Five states and Washington, D.C. don’t have sales taxes at all.

• Indigent sales tax (half-cent) collections, $1,425,000.

A sales tax increase planned for April 2017, to 10 percent from 8 percent now, is expected to dent growth for that year.

And while medical marijuana shops pay normal sales taxes, the recreational stores pay a special 25 percent excise tax.

But he also said there will be no sales tax and Alberta’s low tax regime will continue.

Changes to North Carolina’s tax law have done away with the state’s annual sales tax holiday.

Commissioners are also discussing adding a quarter-cent county sales tax for teacher pay on the ballot in November.

Despite Sink’s recommendation, the review of sales tax exemptions was not completed that legislative session.

Everyone gets what sales taxes are, right?

Fuller said he’d heard from several groups and individuals who support raising the sales tax.

Gov. Jan Brewer recently signed a bill exempting the electricity that manufacturers purchase from sales taxes.

Griffith said Pierce Transit is stable now because of past reductions and increased sales tax revenue.

Has anyone even thought about the sales tax?

Haynes said if the city is able to implement a sales tax on marijuana sales, the time to act is now.

Here are the tax breaks that could go away unless lawmakers bring them back State and local sales tax deduction.

Here is what we propose: Our patients have NO PROBLEM with paying the 9.5% sales tax.

However, she acknowledged imposing a sales tax or raising resource royalties are not part of Prentice’s plan.

I am very worried about the sales tax hike next October,” Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd <7270. I prefer sales tax, since it encourages saving over consumption.

Illinois had its last summer sales tax holiday in 2010.

In 2012 voters across the region defeated a one-penny sales tax that would have strengthened regional transit.

It would add a $60 vehicle fee, raise the sales tax by one-tenth of a cent and raise some Metro bus fares.

It’s a convenience factor for me more than it is the sales tax or not, Jennings said.

Japan’s recovery shuddered to a halt after the government increased sales tax from 5 percent to 8 percent in April.

John Stang How the sales tax is failing Washington’s schools Taxing services could deliver us from our education woes.

Kentucky Kentucky has a 6% state sales tax.

Lots of the necessities of life the least well off need to purchase come with the steep sales tax penalty.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu proposes sales tax increase to help..

Mississippi Mississippi has a 7% state sales tax.

Much of the growth in demand before the sales tax was raised was attributed to construction of new homes.

No other sales tax on the Navajo Nation specifically targets the spending habits of consumers.

On Aug. 5, Missouri voters will be asked to approve a three-quarter cent transportation sales tax for 10 years.

On November 15, 2006 a 5.5% sales tax was implemented.

Oregon does not have a sales tax, and voters have repeatedly rejected a sales tax.

Oregonians, after all, have rejected a sales tax nine times in the past century.

Other funding for the streetcar came from private and public sources, including Pima County’s sales tax.

Pennsylvania Pennsylvania has a 6% sales tax rate.

People in the seven states without income taxes could deduct local sales taxes on their federal returns.

Posted Fri, Nov 14, 9:50 a.m. Inappropriate Why do residents of Oregon pay no sales tax in Washington?

Prentice has also said he isn’t planning to introduce a provincial sales tax, nor will he hike oil royalty rates.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government will raise the sales tax from April 1 to pay for rising welfare costs.

Proponents of the project said the city stands to benefit through sales taxes and jobs.

Revenue measures should be as growth friendly as possible, and might include VAT/sales tax and property tax overhauls.

Rochester imposes a 0.5% for a total of 7.375% sales tax.

sales tax, permits, and fines are the main resource the city has for revenue.

Shearman said the sales tax holiday only saves customers 5 to 10 percent.

So far, the sales tax has generated $2 million.

Soda, candy and alcoholic beverages are subject to a state sales tax.

Some states – including Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Texas and Washington – rely primarily on sales taxes for funding.

Take the deduction for sales taxes, for example.

Tell me that a person that buys a Tesla for $70,000 or $80,000 shouldn’t have to pay sales tax?

That means they’re paying sales tax on that and all this kind of adds up to say, well, is it really harm?

The automaker sold fewer vehicles in Japan, where demand waned following an April 1 sales tax hike.

The bill exempts from sales taxes the electricity that manufacturers and smelters purchase.

The board will vote on the sales tax next Tuesday, January 20. If they approve it, will go on the ballot in April.

The case arises from the state’s attempt to collect sales taxes from a medical marijuana dispensary in Bellingham.

The city would also benefit from increased sales tax revenue.

The county passed a half-cent indigent sales tax several years ago with the funds being used to reopen the hospital.

The county’s proposal would set aside 7.5 percent of the quarter-cent sales tax for the ASC.

The dates for the sales tax holiday are set by the Legislature.

The effect is strongest in sales tax-dependent states.

The item on the November ballot only asks voters if they are for or against raising the sales tax.

The plan to ask for the one cent sales tax was endorsed by three of the districts in the county.

The proposal would require all counties to keep the current 2.5 cent sales tax.

The retail sales tax rate in Mississippi is 7%.

The sales tax hike wouldn’t apply to tractor-trailer rigs, which were exempted under a 2012 law.

The sales tax increase, to support the school district, was approved 56.15 percent (3,148) to 43.85 percent (2,458).

The sales tax is not so much unfair as it is relentlessly visible and that, I would argue, is good.

The sales tax is part of a larger package of tax cuts.

The state also has a general sales tax about 2 percentage points below the national median of 5.95 percent.

The state ranked near the bottom – 45th – on sales tax structure.

The Tories have capitalized politically on the sales tax increase.

There are also worries private consumption could lose steam after the sales tax is raised.

There was no 2005 Special Purpose Local Option sales tax line item, just the one for 2011.

There’s no local sales tax, nor does Detroit levy one on hotels or motels.

They also generate sales tax revenue that helps support local needs such as roads, parks and emergency services.

They try to make up in traffic fines what they can’t generate in property or sales taxes.

Thompson suggested another two cents added to sales taxes.

Unlike prescription drugs, medical marijuana is not exempt from retail sales tax.

Veterans who use the site typically save 25 percent or more and do not pay a state sales tax.

We will not have a sales tax, and we will save for the future.”

Yes • Viewpoint: Should voters support sales tax?

Food and medicine are exempt from sales tax in most states, so why not diapers?

The Australian Taxation Office has attempted to impose a sales tax on Uber rides.

After a sales tax hike in April, Japan’s economy grew by exactly 0% in 2014.

Also the financial support of the system was changed from an unpopular property tax increase to a one-percent sales tax.

Arkansas voters in 2012 approved a half cent sales tax hike for highways.

By virtue of this method, sales totaling $0.08 and below would not have a sales tax associated with them.

City governments in the state are also permitted to impose sales taxes.

Currently as of 2009, all sales tax in the Rapid City area is 6%.

Edison Stewart, “Mulroney takes sales tax defence to angry West”, Toronto Star, 15 February 1990, A14.

First, no sales tax is due upon the purchase of a motor vehicle that must be titled.

Food for domestic home consumption is exempt from sales tax.

Food rates Similar to Florida and certain other states, Georgia has two sales tax holidays per year.

He paid the start-up costs of the new magazine by deferring payment of sales taxes his clubs owed on their activities.

I heard someone suggest we should have a sales tax that goes down as the price of energy goes up.

If voters say no, sales taxes will drop from 10 percent to 0.1 percent for six months.

If you itemize, you’re allowed to either deduct state income taxes or state sales taxes you paid.

It suspended that provision in 2013 when it raised the sales tax to eight per cent from seven.

Legislators still could consider repealing sales tax exemptions on their own.

Note that there is no sales tax in Hong Kong, but the price is higher than in Japan or the US.

On November 4, 2008, voters in King County (Seattle) approved a 0.5% increase in the sales tax.

One thing is for certain – there will be an added sales tax on marijuana.

Only recreational weed would be subject to state and local sales taxes.

Or broadening the sales tax to cover more transactions that had not been taxed before.

Provincial sales tax (PST): “The Premier is not embracing a sales tax..

sales tax rebate numbers are in for November and most area towns have seen a drop again.

So they’re, in essence, covering the full cost of the sales tax for you at the beginning.

So, 17 states choose to give taxpayers a break on the sales tax for certain items.

That organization estimates sales tax holidays will cost states $300 million in 2015.

The county sales tax is 6.75%, and the county typically has unemployment rates below the state and national averages.

The operation is funded primarily by local sales taxes, with additional support from state and federal sources.

The situation killed any chance he had seeking higher office and earned him the moniker, “sales tax Matt”.

The state sales tax is consistently the source of the largest percentage of the state government’s revenue.

There also have been studies showing high sales tax rates harm local economies.