short-range in a sentence

short-range in a sentence

1) Short-range airplanes and helicopters were available for appropriate military support missions.

2) Short-range systems also were employed in infantry units.

3) By 1977, the program was facing severe short-range problems.

short-range example sentences

4) She has fast movement and good short-range combat ability.

5) The North has recently conducted tests on short-range missiles.

6) Today the impoverished state fired two short-range missiles.

7) The bishop was also a short-range piece.

8) Short-range marksmanship makes soldiers more lethal in the urban environment.

9) The deadline was met with disbelief by the short-range committee.

10) Thus, these ships were known as short-range escorts.

11) A short-range plasma burst would kill them all.

12) Wibree is a short-range wireless protocol optimized for low power consumption.

13) The regime also fired 17 short-range missiles between May and July.

14) On short-range missions, it could carry sixteen 750-pound bombs.

15) Availability of funds for Iron Dome short-range rocket defense program.


example sentences with short-range

16) Ultrasonic signals may be used for short-range control purposes.

17) This forces human players to rely on volleys and short-range shooting.

18) They were believed to be short-range ballistic KN- 02 missiles.

19) Short-range entangled states with symmetry are also known as symmetry protected topological states.

20) Israel has also developed a system for intercepting short-range rockets .

21) The DPRK also has short-range ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.

22) The main emphasis would be on Iraq’s short-range missile program.

23) It’s my number one short-range go-to lens now hands down.

24) The North Korean military fired off dozens of short-range missil.

25) He did not say whether the short-range missiles would carry nuclear warheads.

26) Short-range calls, long-range calls, and alarm calls are also used.

27) A smaller short-range variant, the 720, was introduced in 1960.

28) Both are dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) devices.


How to use short-range in a sentence

29) Even short-range nuclear missiles are tactical.

30) Long-range and short-range dependent processes are characterised by their autocovariance functions.

31) The proposed applications include short-range wireless power transfer to biomedical implants and wireless charging.

32) Short-range systems also have the advantage of offering a choice of weapons.

33) The Germans patently are not going to allow modernisation of short-range weapons.

34) While guards made sure of short-range defense, long-range protection was not adequate.

35) Germany focused on short-range tactical bombers.

36) Nearly 100 CSS-7 short-range ballistic missiles and mobile launchers are deployed there.

37) Short-range Bluetooth accessories, like wireless keyboards, can also be used.

38) Short-range radio systems would permit cars to exchange basic information about speed and direction.

39) Also this research center this trying time of short-range , solid fuel rockets.

40) He can use a short-range concussion bomb launcher to aid his demolitions.