sidewalk in a sentence

I found a coin on the sidewalk.

Clear the sidewalk of the bicycles.

Shoppers hurried along the sidewalk.

He parked his car beside the sidewalk.

There was a sunshade over the sidewalk.

I slipped and fell on the icy sidewalk.

The flower pot crashed to the sidewalk.

Leaves collect on the sidewalk in the fall.

The sidewalk was covered with fallen leaves.

The old man lay prone on the sidewalk where he had fallen.

The children were laughing and skipping down the sidewalk.

They were clearing the snow from the sidewalk with a shovel.

The cyclist was racing recklessly along the sidewalk, narrowly missing pedestrians.

The old woman invoked the aid of a stranger when her husband collapsed on the sidewalk.

The sidewalk is slowly cracking because of the roots of the big trees growing next to it.

There was an outline of a human body drawn in chalk on the sidewalk where the murder took place.

Studies show that riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is much more hazardous than riding on the roads.

The old man was walking along the sidewalk with his head down, looking for discarded cigarette butts.

Studies show that riding on the sidewalk facing traffic is the most dangerous cycling behavior on busy roads.

The little boy got a black eye when he threw his rubber ball on the sidewalk, and it bounced up and hit him in the face.

bound We spent the night on the sidewalk in front of the theater so we could be near the head of the queue when tickets went on sale.

They leave the bag of clothes on the sidewalk and walk to another car.

Ford was walking on a sidewalk in August when the officers spotted him.

In the distance, a man plods slowly down the sidewalk toward the church.

He left the 8-year-old on the sidewalk in front of the Forum restaurant.

Many wiped tears from their eyes as they stood silently on the sidewalk.

He spotted Brown and Johnson, and called out to them to use the sidewalk.

Is there any way for Slow Walker and me to comfortably share the sidewalk?

A public pedestrian walkway will be maintained along the current sidewalk.

The council also agreed to pursue a sidewalk project for Glenn Carrie Road.

The canopy of a pickup truck, knocked free, rested on part of the sidewalk.

957185 You can have your concrete drive and sidewalk professionally cleaned.”

They will have two huge bands- The sidewalk Prophets and Love and the Outcome.

They closed a city sidewalk for this and there are some very angry New Yorkers.

City crews were on site, cleaning up the sidewalk area following the collision.

The group also tested sidewalk chalk from two retailers; no asbestos was found.

And Jesus would answer: “Running down a Baltimore street, On a Florida sidewalk.

You can also pay someone to take care of shoveling your walkways and sidewalk for you.

I could see the smoldering embers from it and it was all on the sidewalk, said Brewer.

She said Watkins was on the sidewalk in front of the home when two officers got there.

“Who cares about the potholes in the streets when people are sleeping on the sidewalk?”

Here, a sailboat sits on a sidewalk at Dinner Key in Miami after Andrew washed it ashore.

They never get on the sidewalk, but there’s that fear so it makes you step back, he said.

A solution to ending camping on the sidewalk that even NIMBY’s and Republicans would love.

319035 I couldn’t see my legs my bones were literally lying next to me on the sidewalk.”””

Shell casings on the sidewalk, hoards of police, and a large rock laying next to his body.

I was afraid to go out on my own because of what I might not see on the sidewalk, she said.

The lady walking the dog next to me on the sidewalk didn’t know she was being livestreamed.

Two-way traffic will be maintained but parts of the sidewalk will be closed to pedestrians.

While resting, he tried to lean on a parked car but lost his footing and fell on the sidewalk.

The new plan would have had the city clearing 200 fewer metres of sidewalk after each snowfall.

That class difference also makes it worse when District pols try to kick bikes off the sidewalk.

The other suspect then throws him to the sidewalk and begins to repeatedly punch him in the face.

A black sweater was lying on the sidewalk in front of what appeared to be a newly built townhouse.

@311Toronto There’s a dead raccoon on the sidewalk outside 819 Yonge (at the SE corner of Church).

MacNeill said the sidewalk does not get plowed very well, so it can often be icy during the winter.

Robinson tumbled off the elevated sidewalk and hit his head on the ground, knocking him unconscious.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost been hit by a car (even while running on the sidewalk!).

To be sure, not everyone is happy about this new trend of using chalkboards for sidewalk advertising.

School officials say the team was walking to a movie Sunday night when the car drove onto a sidewalk.