silent reading in a sentence

silent reading in a sentence

1) The concept of silent reading when learning is alien.

2) Both oral and silent reading are important for the beginner.

3) For example, in medieval Europe silent reading was largely unknown.

silent reading example sentences

4) Beat awareness and beat competency enhances the internal dialogue for better silent reading .

5) Oral reading accuracy, oral reading comprehension, and silent reading comprehension are monitored.

6) The Thorndike-Lorge Test is planned as a general test of silent reading comprehension.

7) The printed book allowed a comparatively inexpensive alternative for the special purpose of silent reading .

8) It includes all the important factors in silent reading with reasonable weight for each factor.

9) The average silent reading rate for a secondary student is 250 to 300 words per minute.

10) Westmoor began the Sustained silent reading (SSR) program in 2001.

11) Sustained silent reading – a school-wide initiative intended to positively impact test scores across the curriculum.

12) Silent reading doesn’t allow for the crucial tone-of-voice and prosodic clues as reading aloud does.

13) The silent reading of each one of these words during the meditation will benefit the corresponding organ.

14) Oral and silent reading – There are 4 passages at each level, Preprimer to Grade 9.

15) His Ph.D. at the University of Leeds was on the question of phonological coding in silent reading .


example sentences with silent reading

16) The codex form improved with the separation of words, capital letters, and punctuation, which permitted silent reading .

17) However, there is also evidence that silent reading did occur in antiquity and that it was not generally regarded as unusual.

18) This approach, sometimes known by the acronym SSR (Sustained silent reading ) or DEAR (Drop Everything And Read), seems intuitively appropriate.

19) In the practice of the silent reading meditation, the mind is concentrating on the sound that is pronounced silently and slowly while exhaling.

20) In this method of meditation, the mind is concentrating on the sound from the silent reading of six (6) words during the breathing process.

21) Subvocalization, also known as implicit speech, inner vocalization, or subvocal articulation, is an inner speech that occurs during silent reading .

22) This differentiation leaves a third more restricted use of the term “sight-reading” for the silent reading of music without creating sound by instrument or voice.

23) This effect was greater for subjects reading aloud than for silent reading and larger again for subjects who were led to expect a test on what they had read.