since ages in a sentence

since ages in a sentence

1) Since ages men and women are worshiped in different regions.

2) This traditional form of administrating themselves had existed since ages .

3) You would feel as if you had known him since ages .

since ages example sentences

4) Family depakote recall has intensely surpassed steadily submitted by teachers and buildings since ages .

5) Yogasana and “Pranayama” has been an important practice undertaken since ages .

6) There are Hindu, Jain and Sikh communities settled in London since ages .

7) These people have been living in the surrounding mountains of Dharchula valley since ages .

8) We in Lebanon have been the most stupid and lied to, since ages .

9) Obtained from santalum tree, sandalwood has been used since ages in ayurvedic skin treatments.

10) Android games on mobiles should already be designed to play with a joypad since ages ago .

11) This stone in vivid colours have been in used since ages to create art pieces as decorative items.

12) The bamboo there growing since ages along its bed is in a very sad state and has lost all its lustrous green.

13) In the words of Jalaluddin Haqqani himself , “Our tribes are settled on both sides of the Durand line since ages .

14) Items At the end I was able to implement a quite small but cool feature which we wanted to have since ages : Link Items.

15) Anthropogenic Hazards – Human Impact On The Environment This documentary is about how man has been ruining the environment since ages and what are the things.


example sentences with since ages

16) We had/have ‘normal’ radio since ages , why do we need it over the internet.

17) She was not only his good wife but also was a very good friend knew each other since ages …knew what he likes & dislikes…