slashed in a sentence

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The Federal Reserve slashed interest rates.

The police informer was found with his throat slashed.

We have slashed prices by up to 50% for our yearly sale.

The company has slashed its workforce by over 25% to cut costs.

When Jack the Ripper killed his victims, he often slashed them horribly.

Someone slashed the tires of his car while it was parked outside the nightclub.

The victim was slashed on the arm with a knife when he tried to fight off his attacker.

The logging company has slashed a road through the forest to get at the old growth timber.

In 1975, Rembrandt’s painting of “The Nightwatch” was slashed by a man with a kitchen knife in Amsterdam.

The young boy who was found by police was almost dead, after having slashed his wrists with a razor blade.

In June of 1994, football star O.


Simpson’s wife and her lover were slashed to death outside the Simpson home in Los Angeles.

The victim had been stabbed in the back and slashed in the left arm.

761827 The original plan called for that number being slashed to 5,500.

The new regulation just slashed this standard further, dropping it to 70 ppb.

The Fed slashed interest rates in an attempt to jumpstart the sagging economy.

UK supermarket group Tesco has slashed its full-year outlook by almost a third.

They were kidnapped and found near the Santiago airport with their throats slashed.

The budget problems arose after lawmakers slashed income taxes at Brownback’s urging.

Dunbar’s throat was then slashed by the criminals who also stole his licensed firearm.

Many European countries have slashed defense spending since the 2008 financial crisis.

292783 He was found with his throat slashed and multiple stab wounds to the upper body.

The charities are running out of money, and food aid has been slashed and slashed again.

INDIA: The largest education system in the world has slashed its out of school population.

The letter, Dusseldorf prosecutor Christoph Kumpa, said, was found “slashed” in a dust bin.

Stone was the first to tackle the attacker, and wound up getting slashed with a box cutter.

Growth estimates for the first quarter were slashed to a 1.2 percent pace from 2.3 percent.

As police approached him, he allegedly slashed a tire of one of the squad cars with a knife.

The bank’s strategists slashed 2015 Brent crude oil estimates to US$50 per barrel from US$67.

BP also said a drop of more than 50 percent in oil prices since June has slashed BPXP’s value.

In December, the federal government slashed its 2015 growth forecast from 6.35 to 5.5 percent.

But on Thursday he said his “conservative policies” had slashed the number of people on welfare.

It was the second time in two months that the EIA slashed its production forecast by 400,000 bpd.

This comes in addition to the same amount of jobs already slashed or in the process of being cut.

Many come back with slashed wrists, hands and ankles from trying to climb over razor-wire fences.

Mr Hasawi tweeted a photo of a Mercedes-Benz Viano with a tyre slashed and a number plate removed.

Wall Street analysts have slashed their earnings forecasts for Tesla because of the Model X delays.

Just imagine, you wake up in the morning and find out your salary has been slashed by forty percent.

“In 2013, the Republican Congress slashed funding for loans and grants to co-ops by nearly two-thirds.