speak freely in a sentence

speak freely in a sentence

1) Some spoke freely and shared personal experiences.

2) Antony doesn’t dare speak freely yet.

3) Let the patient speak freely , without interruption.

speak freely example sentences

4) Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship.

5) By doing so, it speaks freely .

6) They defended their right to criticise, provoke and speak freely .

7) The walls had ears and you couldn’t speak freely .

8) Allow each member of the family to speak freely on issues.

9) They are not allowed to speak freely about their beliefs.

10) Of this necessity have spoken freely in other places.

11) She wanted to know if I was willing to speak freely .

12) People don’t feel like they can speak freely .

13) Clients should be validated for asking questions and allowed to speak freely .

14) Been a long time since she had heard her language spoken freely .

15) Wheres my right to speak freely and to shoot freely?


example sentences with speak freely

16) I needed only to give both sides the opportunity to speak freely .

17) Others spoke freely , thinking that the officer was there as defense counsel.

18) They were able to speak freely and they shared a sense of humour.

19) One may speak freely once but after that he is shot to death .

20) Patitucci takes over the melodic repetition , while the other three speak freely .

21) It is better to be caught mugging than to be caught speaking freely .

22) Elections are orchestrated nowadays and voting is basically giving away your right to speak freely .

23) And now that the film’s been shown, I can speak freely .

24) Now, let us suppose you and I were speaking freely about something private.

25) The result: The actor couldn’t smile or speak freely for eight hours.

26) And Isambard let you speak freely ?’ asked Owen, marvelling.

27) Would you like to speak freely about your work to establish your credibility?

28) Allowing the chief electoral officer to speak freely to the Canadian public about elections issues.


How to use speak freely in a sentence

29) Their ideas are , and in particular their ability to speak freely about those ideas.

30) Liang’s exile to Japan allowed him to speak freely and exercise his intellectual autonomy.

31) I could speak freely to different people – rich and poor, young and old.

32) Richard Cantarella and Robert Perrino spoke freely in his office about racketeering matters.

33) It is the only place where people can speak freely and learn about the truth.

34) They said: “It’s clear to us that she was not speaking freely .

35) He controlled most press conferences and interviews, and spoke freely about issues unrelated to boxing.

36) You could not speak freely on the street but had to wait until you were alone.

37) Now, I speak freely , and I said, “That is just self-evident.

38) By no means does that give me the right to suppress your right to speak freely .

39) But Trevor’s brother Tony says the family doesn’t believe he was allowed to speak freely .

40) Speaking freely with a client is all about building rapport so that a client can self-disclose.