striking worker in a sentence

striking worker in a sentence

1) How does a female boss handle striking workers ?

2) Public opinion quickly turned against the striking workers .

3) The striking workers refused to break ranks along racial lines.

striking worker example sentences

4) The striking workers were determined to keep the plant closed.

5) The petition demanded the company stop retaliating against striking workers .

6) They also had to pay the striking workers .

7) Almost 4,000 of the striking workers were sacked.

8) President Roosevelt sent troops to replace the striking workers .

9) Under the common law, striking workers need not be paid.

10) It also held back the striking workers from excesses.

11) The striking workers looted and damaged property, and committed violent crimes.

12) Shots fired at the striking workers took their toll.

13) Striking workers set up picket lines at city dumps and sewer yards.

14) Striking workers also attended a rally in Luton.

15) Fistfights broke out whenever striking workers and strikebreakers encountered one another.


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16) In February 1927 he reached Bhopal and met the striking workers .

17) The 194 striking workers are technicians and administrators and do not include scientists .

18) He was responsible for collecting money and other necessities for the striking workers .

19) Striking workers at the Daily News are unimpressed.

20) The strike ended on 10 May after public opinion turned against the striking workers .

21) June 1962, Ordered the shooting of striking workers in Novocherkassk.

22) Remington Rand also fired all striking workers and replaced them with permanent replacements.

23) The striking workers reportedly earn an average of about US$48,000 annually.

24) The city council viewed this as unacceptable, and thus dismissed the striking workers .

25) In 1912 Brisbane general strike the Queensland Police were used to suppress striking workers .

26) He was met by striking workers at the airport and had to disguise himself.

27) Four striking workers were killed when strikebreakers protected by police fired into a crowd.

28) Agreement is signed between striking workers and the government commission in Katowice Steelworks.


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29) Violent street battles occurred in Maryland between the striking workers and the Maryland militia.

30) The deaths occurred after a daylong fight between militia and camp guards against striking workers .

31) Who better than the striking workers will know the identity of non-striking workers ?

32) The AFL argued that no election was appropriate until all striking workers had been rehired.

33) On 2 September 1976 all 137 striking workers were dismissed from the company’s employ.

34) The striking workers won wage increases for themselves and thousands of workers across New England.

35) The rally supported striking workers .

36) The agreement would have terminated all striking workers and given them rights to unemployment compensation.

37) The regional AFL-CIO established a welfare fund to help striking workers who missed paychecks.

38) For example, striking workers in manufacturing or mining produce a product which must be transported.

39) Hong Kong 1967 riots: Clashes between striking workers and police kill 51 and injure 800.

40) workers used them to organize strikes or to draw support for striking workers outside these groups.