summer camp in a sentence

summer camp in a sentence

1) Our summer camp season has ended for 2014.

2) There is something truly magical about summer camps .

3) A summer camp is a serious thing.

summer camp example sentences

4) The last summer camp program was held in 1976.

5) Summer camps are also considered child care.

6) Summer camps and hobby camps are popular.

7) The floods severed infrastructure and affected several summer camps .

8) These summer camps are typically held on college campuses.

9) Drama and musical theatre summer camps are offered.

10) Lost Lake features very popular week long summer camp .

11) Please visit the summer camps page for full program details.

12) Two summer camps are better than one.

13) And we went to summer camp together.

14) I remember summer camp as a kid.

15) My farmer fantasies spring from my youth summer camp experiences.


example sentences with summer camp

16) All summer camps were closed and universities canceled their final exams.

17) There were also four organizational summer camps located around the lake.

18) This program is offered through after school and summer camps .

19) Summer camp programs further encourage creativity right here in the neighborhood.

20) High ropes courses are a fixture of summer camp life.

21) Also, arts and crafts summer camps are available.

22) All children’s summer camps were ordered to close.

23) They currently run two week-long summer camps .

24) They offer house riding, summer camps and caravan parks.

25) But now, summer camps are slowly getting attention.

26) In Cyprus summer camps are widely used for children.

27) His parents ran a children’s summer camp school.

28) In 1965, the summer camp was opened.


How to use summer camp in a sentence

29) In Canada, summer camps are very popular.

30) We are committed to a quality and fun summer camp program!

31) A young goalie at our first summer camp .

32) Summer camps are responsible for the minor children under their care.

33) Summer camps will of course be additional.

34) The Lake has a long history of summer camps .

35) Special trainers and events are arranged for the summer camps .

36) Summer camp operations ceased after the 2003 summer season.

37) He also campaigns for summer camps to become more widely supported.

38) The venue also hosts an annual summer camp for young musicians.

39) They send Harper to a summer camp .