summer festival in a sentence

summer festival in a sentence

1) There are summer festivals and farmers markets.

2) Keystone has some excellent summer festivals and radical mountain biking!

3) The square is a focal point for summer festivals .

summer festival example sentences

4) They are usually sold and eaten at summer festivals .

5) The band are regulars at British summer festivals .

6) This is the ultimate summer festival gear for rain prone UK.

7) In Europe she played at different summer festivals .

8) The band then announced summer festival appearances in Ontario.

9) There are several summer festivals held in the region.

10) It is a typical summer festival with live music and food.

11) Here is a link to your summer festival guide .

12) Our family has had more weekend fun here at their summer festival .

13) During the summer of 2008 the band played various summer festivals .

14) We are also playing some summer festivals in Poland .

15) Nebuta is a summer festival that is famous throughout Japan.


example sentences with summer festival

16) The season for big European summer festivals ends around mid-September.

17) Riverfest is an annual summer festival held in Limerick.

18) There was no summer festival that year.

19) End your summer with a bang at this late summer festival .

20) The Dubrovnik summer festival puts on dramatic music and ballet.

21) The Holt summer festival started in 2009 is an arts festival.

22) The next Holt summer festival is planned for July 2014.

23) Haake later underwent a surgery and recovered for European summer festivals .

24) The next best were the summer festivals at each of the resorts!

25) See the Dubrovnik summer festival website for schedules and tickets.

26) A European summer festival tour followed.

27) We try the Chocolate Covered Bacon at a summer festival .

28) Brady supervised park security at the Ann Arbor summer festival .


How to use summer festival in a sentence

29) The Dubrovnik summer festival keeps the Old Town young every summer.

30) Dubrovnik summer festival Dubrovnik summer festival was founded in 1950.

31) Dubrovnik summer festival Dubrovnik summer festival was founded in 1950.

32) We are holding a stall including nappy changing facilities at two summer festivals .

33) The summer festival usually takes place over the third weekend of July.

34) Find out more about the Grafenegg summer festival 2014 .

35) Rejuvenated and very much in tune they played most Slovenian summer festivals .

36) We’ve got some more tours scheduled, some summer festivals next year.

37) Matsuri is applied to summer festivals .

38) Bogotá, Colombia hosts the summer festival Gospel al Parque.

39) Finland has a great amount of summer festivals , the biggest being music festivals.

40) Phish would go on to host three more summer festivals in Maine.