sustainability in a sentence

Bobby Kolade incorporates tree bark in his creations sustainability plays an important role in Bobby Kolade’s designs.

Boulder Area sustainability Information Network (BASIN).

But how can businesses work together to progress a sustainability agenda and their bottom line?

But if it’s all business PCs then the question is going to be sustainability.

But what does sustainability mean, exactly?

Catlin’s sustainability director, John Carroll, would only say the cost was “fairly substantial.”

Cities are also expected to make contributions toward sustainability, especially when they align to economic goals.

Education for sustainability: An Agenda for Action.

Eriksson “Socio-ecological principles for sustainability”.

Fishing is regulated to ensure sustainability.

Glass House Shirtmakers was born from the marriage of Bernardo’s DIY spirit and interest in sustainability.

He called for governments to make sustainability reporting mandatory for companies above a certain size.

Heyn has been running her business for 15 years now, long before sustainability and recycling became fashionable.

Hopefully, this push toward sustainability will not be thrown off course by the acquisition process.

In terms of sustainability, these changes will ensure we operate with a balanced budget,” Baerg said.

Indicators suggest sound sustainability The country is a small, energy-based exporter, the analysts noted.

It is putting a question mark on the sustainability of these prices.

Kuvan-Mills believes sustainability should be at the heart of the fashion and textile industry.

Leaders across the world deserve recognition for delivering a plan, a framework in which true sustainability is the key.

Meghan Chapple, the director of the Office of sustainability, was named the ITF’s new co-chair in October.

Mike O’Brien is a Seattle City Council member and chair of the Planning, Land Use and sustainability Committee.

More businesses should be following Apple’s stance in encouraging more investment in sustainability.

Mr. Gilberto Chona, ESCI Team Leader said: “sustainability is not a buzz word or just a punch line anymore.

Nathalia Cardozo is doing the research for an internship with the City of Charlottetown’s sustainability office.

Oil exporters will need to adjust their spending and revenue policies to ensure fiscal sustainability, the IMF wrote.

On one hand, they are talking about sustainability and sustainable tourism development.

Our commitment to sustainability is evidenced by our world-class technology, manufacturing and recycling capabilities.

Projects should be practical, achievable within a 12-month time frame, and have prospects for long-term sustainability.

Ramona Doyle, the city’s sustainability officer, says it’s not a big enough issue to warrant a pamphlet.

Security, privacy and the often-overlooked area of sustainability are of particular interest to the OTA.

Size does matter, but not at the expense of sustainability.

So we could see an impact on sustainability as well.

Structure and sustainability of Sacramento’s urban forest.

sustainability isn’t just about reducing emissions in the air.

sustainability of innovation comes from commercial viability, he says.