tax rate in a sentence

tax rate in a sentence

1) The top tax rate is 45 percent.

2) The applicable tax rate is 40%.

3) The applicable tax rate is 28%.

tax rate example sentences

4) The income tax rate is 40%.

5) The applicable tax rate is 25%.

6) Can reducing income tax rates increase government revenue?

7) The median marginal federal income tax rate is 15%.

8) The overall average federal tax rate fell.

9) The top marginal tax rate has declined considerably since 1980.

10) The state sales tax rate is 6%.

11) The state hotel tax rate is 6 percent.

12) The income tax rate is 35%.

13) The city income tax rate is 12 percent.

14) The state sales tax rate is 4 percent.

15) Do higher tax rates slow economic growth ?


example sentences with tax rate

16) The sales tax rate is 10 %.

17) The average effective federal income tax rate .

18) California city county sales use tax rates .

19) A second consequence is that high tax rates affect lifestyle decisions.

20) This provides an effective property tax rate .

21) This rate is called your marginal tax rate .

22) This reduces the effective estate tax rate .

23) Excessive tax rates increase black money and tax evasion.

24) Typical proposals involve deregulation and income tax rate reduction.

25) The elected board annually set the local property tax rate .

26) Pennsylvania has a 6% sales tax rate .

27) The personal tax rate is flat at 10%.

28) Slovakia reintroduced progressive tax rates in 2013.


How to use tax rate in a sentence

29) Federal income tax rates have been modified frequently.

30) These huge sums gave the companies equally huge effective tax rates .

31) The basic and forty percent income tax rates remain unchanged.

32) He advises differential tax rates to stimulate business .

33) One key task was to reduce tax rates .

34) Yes, conservatives support lower tax rates .

35) Mill’s tax rate was 30%.

36) The firm’s marginal tax rate is 34 percent.

37) The company’s marginal tax rate is 39 percent.

38) The tax rate is 25% plus 5.5% solidarity surcharge.

39) Florida’s general sales tax rate is 6 percent .

40) The Corporate tax rate is 10%.