temperatures in a sentence

Wood does acclimate more slowly at lower temperatures.

Plants can be acclimated to low or even freezing temperatures.

Most people acclimatize to warmer temperatures in 4-7 days.

Animals can acclimatize to a new range of environmental temperatures.

These labels resist abrasion , solvents, and extreme temperatures.

High operating temperatures shorten lubricant life.

Summer temperatures are 30 degrees plus on average.

The temperatures on Mount Everest are so low that nothing there decays.

Summertime temperatures in this region range between 20 and 30 degrees.

Victoria’s winters aren’t very cold, with temperatures rarely below zero.

Man, too, has been given protective devices against extreme temperatures.

Cactus plants are uniquely adapted to the extreme temperatures of the desert.

Our seasonal temperatures depend on the amount of heat we receive from the sun.

temperatures have been abnormally high this summer, and a couple of records have been broken.

It is an indisputable fact that global temperatures are alarmingly higher than normal this year.

Winters in Northern Manitoba can be extremely cold, with temperatures as low as minus 60 degrees.

A number of different hypotheses have been put forward to explain the rise in global temperatures.

Global warming is threatening polar bears by causing temperatures to rise in their frozen habitat.

The greenhouse effect traps the sun’s rays within our atmosphere, which raises global temperatures.

The greenhouse effect traps the sun’s rays within our atmosphere, hence raising global temperatures.

In Japan, gas stoves are preferred to electric stoves because gas provides higher temperatures for frying food.

Kuwait has a harsh desert climate with long, hot summers, and temperatures up to 46 degrees centigrade.

During winter on Mars, temperatures plunge to minus 125 degrees centigrade, and the air begins to freeze solid.

The skiers will have to contend with freezing cold temperatures and icy slopes during tomorrow’s World Cup final.

In Santiago, Chile, temperatures rarely reach the freezing point in winter, though it can often be cold and damp.

During winter on Mars, temperatures plunge to minus 125 degrees centigrade, and the air begins to freeze solid.

A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than the 6,000º Centigrade found at the surface of the sun.

Records dating from the 1800s to the present day show a steady increase in global temperatures by around 0.


Scientists say that since 1970 there has been a marked trend in the rise of global temperatures, due to global warming.

A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than the 6,000 degrees centigrade found at the surface of the sun.

A chief scientist at the research institute says that average temperatures in the region this year are the highest on record.

Scientists are concerned that elevated ocean temperatures along the Pacific coast may affect the return of salmon to the region.

In 2004, German scientists probing global warming said they had detected a noticeable increase in temperatures in the Arctic Ocean.

Differences in ocean temperatures for summer and winter off the coast of British Columbia are minimal, perhaps 2 or 3 degrees only.

The glue that holds barnacles to rocks cannot be dissolved with strong acids or temperatures set as high as 440 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mountain goats are very hardy animals which can endure winter temperatures of minus 50 degrees and winds of over 100 miles per hour.

A mercury thermometer cannot measure temperatures lower than minus 38.

8 degrees Celcius because the mercury freezes at that point.

Studies show that some animal species are already moving from one habitat to another to adapt to warmer temperatures caused by global warming.

Engineers said that temperatures in the World Trade Center after they were hit by the hijacked planes could have been as high as 2,000 degrees.

At least two people have died as a result of the heat wave which has hit the northeast United States this past weekend, with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees.

It is difficult to know if our current high world temperatures are due to global warming or simply the normal fluctuations of a cycle that is too long to recognize.

The Inuit have got to be the hardiest people on the planet, living in ice and snow for several months of the year, through temperatures down to -60 degrees or lower.

Alcohol thermometers can measure lower temperatures than mercury thermometers because mercury freezes at minus 38.

8 degrees Celcius, whereas alcohol freezes at minus 115 degrees.

The greenhouse effect causes our atmosphere to retain more of the heat from the sun than normal.

The resulting increase in temperatures can cause great change in our global climate.

The overnight low temperatures may drop to -24 C across the province.

Higher temperatures, compared to last week, will work in their favor.

Scattered showers turn over to flurries tonight as temperatures cool.

temperatures will average at around 38C inland and 35C on the coasts.

With higher temperatures your precipitation is going to fall as rain.”

Parts of the West haven’t had temperatures this low since last spring.

He says that’s an indicator of high temperatures and low oxygen levels.

temperatures will remain cold though, with highs near -30 C in Iqaluit.

High temperatures could reach 5-15 degrees above normal by next weekend.

Coade says the weekend will be sunny with colder temperatures on Saturday.

The wind chill will continue until temperatures rise later in the morning.

In fact, many communities in Nova Scotia may see even warmer temperatures.

This study focuses on the effects of the way ocean temperatures are taken.

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Year-round water temperatures stay near a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

In just over two minutes, temperatures inside a vehicle reach unsafe levels.

Nunavut is expected to have cooler than normal temperatures until September.

temperatures will range from the lower 70s to the upper 60s during the game.

97992 Ballard says temperatures at the summit were about freezing overnight.

High temperatures will range in the mid to upper 20s both today and Saturday.

This, in turn, may have kept global average surface temperatures from rising.

660077 temperatures hovered around 100 degrees, raising concerns of wildfire.

temperatures will moderate and highs near the low 20’s are expected for most.

And the evidence suggests that we could reach too-high temperatures too soon.

But it doesn’t seem to put off refugees — not even the subzero temperatures.

RealFeel temperatures will be only in the teens for most of the day on Sunday.

On the South Coast temperatures are forecast to hit the high 20s and low 30’s.

The ice storm coupled with low 20s temperatures have finished the gardens now.

660050 temperatures are expected to be above-freezing in the region on Sunday.

Mostly sunny skies for Boxing Day with high temperatures of two to six degrees.

High temperatures will reach 12 C to 17 C across the province in the afternoon.

This year’s forecast calls for temperatures in the 40s and a partly cloudy day.

temperatures topped 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) during July and August.

He found himself in a remote world of ice, snow and bitterly cold temperatures.

Some areas could see temperatures spike 20 degrees above normal for the period.

As the temperatures plunge, find warmth in the comforting slurp of a good soup.

“Both winter ticks and brain worm benefit from warmer than average temperatures.

Southwest Manitoba was expected to reach temperatures closer to 34 C by midweek.

Winter temperatures have only snuck above freezing at the North Pole once before.

Visitors should note that winters can bring cool temperatures along the coastline.

High temperatures will average a few degrees below average on Friday and Saturday.

South winds will begin to help temperatures moderate Friday as some clouds return.

Light northerly winds and cooler temperatures are expected after the front passes.

temperatures will fall to -8 C to -6 C by the afternoon with a windchill near -16.

He predicts below-average temperatures and above-average snow fall for that month.

Winter temperatures dip to minus 47 degrees Celsius (-57 Fahrenheit) in the region.

When the temperatures plunge many Canadians turn to the iconic Canada Goose jacket.

It will be mainly sunny on P.E.I. Thursday, with temperatures slightly above normal.

Record high temperatures and strong winds added to the already high wildfire danger.

Experts point to record high temperatures this year over a longer period than usual.

Finkelstein said the season’s cooler temperatures could be keeping the numbers down.

He said any effect of climate change is likely limited to higher ocean temperatures.

544668 Other parts of the country are bracing for bitter temperatures ahead as well.

As temperatures dipped, snow fell, and the hours wore on, Oulton began to lose hope.

Until then, Coade says temperatures will be above normal thanks to a southwest wind.

660073 temperatures have been significantly cooler than the seasonal norms for 2015.