the youngest to in a sentence

the youngest to in a sentence

1) She is also the youngest to play the lead role.

2) I am one of the youngest to belong.

3) That’s the youngest to my knowledge, yes.

the youngest to example sentences

4) At 17, Valens was the youngest to die on the flight.

5) The youngest to make it was nine years old – the oldest seventy nine.

6) Everyone from the youngest to the oldest received a pysanka for Easter.

7) Different levels of difficulty provide a challenge for the youngest to the oldest player .

8) He was the youngest to be inducted into the Hall at that time.

9) At the age of , Hammarskjöld is the youngest to have held the post.

10) At age 26, he became the youngest to do so at the time.

11) While she was on the show Stacy eventually went from being the youngest to the oldest.

12) Need a destination that will provide enjoyment for all, from the youngest to the oldest?

13) Nigel Short was the youngest to qualify for the British Championship, at age 11. 90.

14) He was also the youngest to pitch a shutout in a World Series at age 20 in 1966.

15) Karl Laforce, engineering student, born 28 October 1904; the youngest to die in the putsch.


example sentences with the youngest to

16) Delgado is the sixth president, and at 36, the youngest to assume the headship of NPC.

17) He was the youngest to ever attain the office of Assistant Pastor in RCCG in the United Kingdom .

18) Dorothy Good survived the hysteria, but was the youngest to be accused of witchcraft during the Salem episode.

19) Angham was the first artist to join Sayed Naser Records company, and the youngest to be accepted.

20) He went on from that bright start, becoming the youngest to reach 1000 runs in the Ranji Trophy.

21) The team was the youngest to have left Australian shores, and only four had previous experience on English soil.

22) Arsenal’s starting line up – averaging 21 years – was the youngest to play in a major English cup final.

23) At 21 months, little Mirza is the youngest to be brought here from the mortar attacks and shelling around Sarajevo.

24) The academy is founded by Samson Siasia, who has a fabulous record training players from the youngest to adult players.

25) The American Robert Rauschenberg was the first American artist to win the Gran Premio, and the youngest to date.

26) We once waited several days before taking the youngest to the Dr. for what turned out to be a broken finger.

27) He was elected President of the Union for the year 1979 – 1980 and is the youngest to hold that office.

28) The only Boholano and the youngest to receive the National Artist of the Philippines award for visual arts is Napoleon Abueva.


How to use the youngest to in a sentence

29) On 28 December 2013, Alastair Cook became the youngest to complete 8000 test runs, 21 days younger to Sachin Tendulkar.

30) Wie remained the youngest to advance to match play in this tournament until 2014 when Lucy Li surpassed her by one week.

31) In some regions, the first sips of toso are taken in order of age, from the youngest to the eldest.

32) There you will find that the knights two eldest daughters are to be wedded this day to your two brothers, and the youngest to the chief of the men at the rock.

33) Blandin was both the first woman and the first Green president of a regional council and at 39 was the youngest to be elected.