this season in a sentence

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We’ve played a lot of matches this season.

Our team has topped the league this season.

Their team doesn’t have a ghost of a chance of winning this season.

Our team sucks so bad.

We haven’t won a single game so far this season.

Marly is quite optimistic that he will be able to make the top team this season.

Farmers fear that this season‘s entire crop may have been destroyed in the storm.

The Nigerian-born striker is the most effective player in their 14-man squad this season.

Manchester has beaten Liverpool three times this season, with an aggregate score of 7 – 3.

Beckman’s performance this season has truly elevated him to the status of a superstar in his sport.

269522 He has 15 homers this season, which is more than last season.

They beat Montreal for the first time in three meetings this season.

Lampard has scored six goals in 17 appearances for City this season.

Lynch has 417 yards and three touchdowns in seven games this season.

It’s a good feeling, a humbling feeling but this season is not over.”

There may be no more home games for Pittsburgh, at least this season.

The Japanese ace is missing this season after elbow surgery in March.

669612 That’s just how things have gone for Golden State this season.

this season, it could be Moussa Sissoko, who is a very decent player.

Davis averaged 24.4 points, 10.2 rebounds and 2.9 blocks this season.

He said: “It’s been so frustrating so far this season, it really has.

But it is not known whether Parma will be able to finish this season.

Toronto has won 11 straight twice this season, also doing it in June.

Overall this season, he is 25-11-3 with a 2.25 GAA and five shutouts.

He has been at his best this season even as he’s been at his silliest.

Howard will serve as lead on a revamped Team Glenn Howard this season.

Arizona has stopped an opponent in the red zone only once this season.

Green has 25 receptions this season for 417 yards, an average of 16.7.

It was a great night, said Berra, who’s struggled at times this season.

The Leafs won 5-1 in Toronto on Feb. 7 in the only meeting this season.

The stats bear out Seattle’s success eliminating big plays this season.

Wilson has three receptions on seven targets for the Bears this season.

So far this season, the visiting team has won each game in this series.

Gracie placed two of her original songs in this season of Single Ladies.

That’s part of the reason I re-watch all of Lynch’s touches this season.

It was the eighth time this season the Blue Jays hit consecutive homers.

Qualls, a 311-pound sophomore, has 24 tackles and 3.5 sacks this season.

this season, Solomon ranks eighth in the Pac-12 with 1,549 passing yards.

907358 We haven’t seen a low pressure system like this come this season.”

Wallace, a senior, has five sacks and eight tackles for loss this season.

Florida, in particular, may have a higher risk for tornadoes this season.

“I’ve had a few ups and downs this season,” Gay said of his track season.

833437 They’re both piloting sleds with three male teammates this season.

Led by Mariota, Oregon finished No. 2 in this season‘s final AP rankings.

Rays: RHP Nathan Karns (6-5) has 10 no-decisions in 21 starts this season.

The offensive line has been in flux most of this season and it has showed.

this season the Seahawks finished third in the league in fewest turnovers.

Penguins goalie Jeff Zatkoff made 27 stops in his eighth game this season.

He has nine TD throws this season to go with an NFL-high 17 interceptions.

But this season, Maslany’s clone posse has been met with an opposing team.

The drive was the longest in both time and distance for Oregon this season.

The Eels also tied the 1975 team with its 22nd victory overall this season.

Oakland has used the DL 18 times this season, the club’s entire 2014 total.

Hayne, a rookie, had totaled 25 yards on eight carries earlier this season.

He had a 4.54 ERA last season and started this season on the disabled list.

Throughout this season, the organization plans coaching and player seminars.

Lehner was supposed to play a key role with the new-look Sabres this season.

Just one of many records that could be broken before the end of this season.

The Habs have scored a paltry 18 first-period goals in 44 games this season.

Ben Bishop stopped 30 shots for Tampa Bay, 8-0 against Montreal this season.

Somehow this season, the Cardinals have filled that void with Chris Johnson.

The banner reads, “At this season of the Winter Solstice, let reason prevail.

Mathieu made five interceptions and 89 tackles this season for the Cardinals.

He led Bates with 42 receptions this season for 513 yards and two touchdowns.

The 6-foot-4, 200-pounder went 10-4 this season with a 2.03 ERA in 16 starts.

The potent triumvirate has already scored 115 goals between them this season.

Bayern was 1-0 down at the break for the third time in six games this season.

this season, it is not as if the Yankees are bereft of legitimate candidates.

He is expected to retire when his current contract expires after this season.

That was the 10th multi-homer game of Davis’ career and the third this season.

However, this season he’s shooting just 27.8 percent (5 of 18) behind the arc.

More than 105 inches has slammed the Boston area this season as of early March.

It makes this season because obviously we can’t go to the playoffs, Smith said.

The goals of Frank Lampard, middle, have been crucial for Man City this season.

Quarterback Josh Rosen has played with a maturity beyond his years this season.

So far this season, however, seasonal businesses say tourists are staying home.

The short-handed Pacers have not been able to escape their injuries this season.

534295 ONE-WEEK WONDERS: Twelve teams were ranked for just one week this season.

The U.S. Women’s Open champion has broken 70 only once in 14 rounds this season.

Robert Geller – this season, Robert Geller was much more casual than conceptual.

The cheerer-in-chief wasn’t the only high-profile fan of the Tigers this season.

Throughout this season Klopp’s role in Dortmund’s story has become more subdued.

I’m worried about Marisa Tomei, namely, will she be in every episode this season?

I even plan on entering a soccer team into the GRPA state tournament this season.

Williams was picked second in the 2011 draft and averages 7.3 points this season.

Thompson averaged only 9.4 points this season, and Harris 2.7 in limited minutes.

Coach Womack said he has over 20 students signed up to play baseball this season.

If the Seahawks were to see Clausen, it would be for the second time this season.

The Sounders went winless in three tries against Los Angeles this season (0-2-1).

This is the third time this season Blaney has been knocked out of a race by rain.

But it was A-Rod’s hitting this season that helped drive the team to the playoffs.

47611 And he showed up to training camp this season saying he can still do better.

Atlanta’s 19-8 road record this season is the best of any Eastern Conference club.

Swanson seamlessly switched from second base to shortstop this season as a junior.

Rubio has played 22 games this season after spraining his ankle early in the year.

The Irish are hitting 40 percent of their 3s this season, 13th-best in the country.

Maeda matched a career high in wins this season with a 15-8 record, and a 2.09 ERA.

“We’re not going to give any details but it will happen at some point this season..

Kicker Cameron Van Winkle, left, and punter Korey Durkee return for UW this season.

Players and coaches alike are determined not to have that happen again this season.

941235 Who knows what becomes of this season, but it has been fascinating to watch.

Stenhouse’s fourth-place finish at Bristol in April is his only top-10 this season.

Muto will join compatriot Shinji Okazaki at Mainz, which finished 11th this season.

428828 I’ve been working hard this season but lost many close matches that hurt me.

Box score: Phillies 6, Giants 4 VOTE: Will the Phillies lose 100 games this season?

Both teams have pounded opposing defenses this season with efficient running games.

Lorenzen compiled a 3-8 record with a 5.46 ERA in 19 games (17 starts) this season.

850571 this season has been tough for both teams, as they struggled to pick up wins.

But this season still ranks as one of the better rushing seasons in Seattle history.

He’s only the sixth left-handed batter to homer against Clayton Kershaw this season.

Toronto RF Jose Bautista went 2-for-16 with a homer against the Rangers this season.

This week the Indian capital is reeling from the worst pollution levels this season.

Nashville capitalized quickly with Forsberg’s wrister for his 22nd goal this season.

236906 For the seventh time this season they scored one touchdown or less in a game.

The Gaels, from Las Vegas, already have two victories under their belts this season.

He has career highs in receptions (48), yards (564) and touchdowns (12) this season.

Kentlake coach Scott Simmons is eager to see just how far that might be this season.

Gallardo has thrown 13 2-3 scoreless innings in two starts against them this season.

Weems also suggested ways to best use the fresh pumpkin that’s available this season.

Flowers, who doesn’t have an interception this season, had one tackle before leaving.

Cowen has nine points in 49 games this season, but also a team-worst minus-13 rating.

That’s seven power-play goals for Anaheim in five games against Winnipeg this season.

Nichols is the only remaining undefeated starting quarterback in the CFL this season.

The Phillies, who own the major leagues’ worst record this season, must find a new GM.

The trio have amassed a remarkable 120 goals together in all competitions this season.

Amazon (AMZN) is one of the few stocks to have bucked that trend this season, he adds.

How they perform this season will determine if they qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Dost also has five assists to go with his five goals in the Europa League this season.

He scored twice and added five assists in three games against the Rangers this season.

850566 this season, Dortmund’s struggles have seen them drop into a relegation battle.

For us to be where we want to be in this season, he said, “our defense has to improve.”

Of the 23 deaths so far this season, the average age is 87, compared with 74 last year.

The 36-year-old Cole had 18 goals and 17 assists in 57 games for the Stars this season.

Can you, as a designer, discern a particular trend in this season‘s Bundesliga jerseys?

Smoak hit a two-run shot in the fourth, the first runs Jimenez had allowed this season.

Klopp simply could not stray from his high-tempo, pressing style of attack this season.

He had 158 rushing yards and two touchdowns, giving him six 100-yard games this season.

Matthews posted a school record 71.0 stroke-per-round average for the Owls this season.

He is a combined 9-4 with a 3.50 ERA with Double-A Mississippi and Gwinnett this season.

Byfuglien’s defence partner, Ben Chiarot, has also been a pleasant surprise this season.

The Royals will counter with Edinson Volquez, who went 13-9 with a 3.55 ERA this season.

It was the first time this season the Seahawks have beaten a team with a winning record.

Over 40 games this season, Teletovic averaged 8.5 points and a career-best 4.9 rebounds.

Furbush’s salary bumps up from the $750,000 he made in 2014 to $1.3 million this season.

The Packers hold the tiebreaker on Seattle due to the win in Lambeau earlier this season.

Copeland struggled in his three starts with the big club this season, posting a 6.46 ERA.

The Angels have scored three runs or fewer in 80 games this season, the most in 23 years.

The Kings are 0-5 without Cousins this season and 11-38 since he joined the team in 2010.

Wednesday’s victory also gave Toronto its second double-digit winning streak this season.

Kilpatrick has averaged 13.6 points in 42 games this season with Delaware and Santa Cruz.

That might be necessary, as Berryville has had trouble scoring runs at times this season.

Tonight will be the first time this season both teams are playing on back-to-back nights.

However, I am sure we can all turn this season around,” Hiddink said in a club statement.

Monday’s crowd was much smaller than the 2,000 fans a game the team averaged this season.

Jake Browning this season became the first true freshman to start a season opener for UW.

The Blue Jays had a 53-28 record at Rogers Centre this season, but were 40-41 on the road.

The former West Virginia coach is getting a little dose of reality at Arizona this season.

No other Bates receiver had more than seven receptions or 111 yards receiving this season.

Hipster Hertha here to stay Enough has been written about Hertha’s legitimacy this season.

Therefore, why not take a cue from this season of gratitude and begin a Thank You Journal?

The 28-year-old Park, who won two majors this season, also celebrated another achievement.

They don’t bite, and they’re normal for this season, according to the pest control expert.

But really, it could have been just about any possession the Patriots have had this season.

They’re just not quite there yet, and they’re running out of time to get there this season.

Dallas Keuchel (18-8) pitched 7-2/3 solid innings to remain undefeated at home this season.

So far this season, the town has had more than fifty per cent more snow than average years.

Devonta Freeman of Atlanta is the only back with 100 yards against the Cowboys this season.

Lincicome, Kerr, Thompson, Pettersen and Nordqvist all have LPGA Tour victories this season.

Try haggling Shoppers may want to put some haggling into their holiday shopping this season.

Nowhere this season on Broadway is there an acting gulf as wide between two leads than here.

Their big deficit in this series was far from the first adversity they’ve faced this season.

She’s 5-5 against boys this season as an early-season regular in the Eagles’ varsity lineup.

The Gills have won all five home games this season – a run that stretches to eight in total.

With 102 inches this season, the city needs 5.7 more to break the 1995-1996 record of 107.6.

this season, Mother Nature appeared to provide an extra lift to online sales, analysts said.

The Berwick grad is 23-3 this season and ranked second in the country in the 197-pound class.

The financial rewards of staying in the Premier League at the end of this season are immense.

Williams has reached double figures in scoring in 12 of the 13 games he’s played this season.

Several film crews visited the Torngats this season, including one from as far away as Japan.

859138 Three plays this season exemplified Mariota’s ability to create on the football field.

The Cubs also shifted radio homes and will move from WGN Radio to WBBM Newsradio this season.

It was the eighth time this season the Rays have scored two runs or less in one of his starts.

So how does the man idolized by Toronto hockey fans think his former team will do this season?

Even with a weak NFC East, this depleted Dallas roster won’t sniff the Super Bowl this season.

Here’s a look at the groups Trump has directly insulted or inadvertently offended this season.

Compared to that heart-stopper, this season‘s rise to the top flight seems positively languid.

He is also having a poor go of it this season at Chelsea, with only three goals in 14 matches.

However, the Sabres have got the better of the Canadiens in two of three meetings this season.

850570 this season had everything: aliens, demons, ghosts, Nazis, serial killers, you-name-it.

Dallas lost all seven games that Romo missed earlier this season due to a broken left clavicle.

Berwick junior Tyler Evans (22) has played a big role in the program’s progression this season.

On Tuesday, team president Larry Bird wasn’t so definite that George wouldn’t play this season.

Truex is second behind Kevin Harvick in the Cup point standings, but still winless this season.

Portland had its worst shooting performance this season and looked out of synch from the start.

Neymar has also played a key role, scoring 33 times this season, 21 of those coming in La Liga.

The 30-year-old Mitchell scored six goals and 13 points in 51 games for the Sabres this season.

Question: The East is shredding the West in head-to-head games this season with a 39-19 record.

Gillingham are aiming to be the first team this season to claim a league win at the Ricoh Arena.

Votto also reached base for the 316th time this season, matching the club record he set in 2013.

As if setting out to prove that point, the Seahawks did not start this season particularly well.

Kobe Bryant sounds like someone who wants to play beyond this season – if only for a few months.