undetected in a sentence

New technology allows this spy plane to fly undetected by radar.

William Inge once suggested that originality is simply undetected plagiarism.

The new spy plane is able to fly undetected by sending out a signal that scrambles the enemy’s radar.

Had the system not ventured over land, it might have gone undetected.

It assumes that there are no undetected cases in the country, she says.

The winner of the game is the one to bypass all the guards and get the recipe undetected.

Zero-day attacks can also remain undetected after they are launched.

Modern-day efforts have been made and are still ongoing to reconstruct the tracks of known hurricanes and to identify initially undetected storms.

” Previously undetected metabolic syndromes and infectious diseases among psychiatric inpatients.

The absence of Eric Borel remained undetected until about three hours later.

Breslau’s lookouts spotted the ships, and in the darkness, she and Goeben evaded their pursuers undetected.

While cases of OCD of the stifle go undetected and heal spontaneously, others are exhibited in acute lameness.

Problems are more likely to go undetected, resulting in a significant impact on the bank when they are recognized.

Halpern, p. 418 Despite the success in reaching the convoy route undetected, the operation failed due to faulty intelligence.

Since he and Goodfellow cannot manage to stay undetected, Ryang accidentally tears the gown of one of the faeries.

Auphan&Mordal(1976)pp.212-218 Destinations remained unclear, and TF 34 remained undetected as it split into three groups on 7 November.

Friar’s Balsam was, however, suffering from an undetected mouth abscess which burst during the race, causing him to choke on “blood and matter”.

Serious injuries, including a broken back and broken ribs, very likely went undetected (the autopsy report believed these to have pre-dated Al-Zayyat’s examination).

After fixing the connection, he tried to leave undetected.
A pathologist testified on Tuesday that Paul likely died of an undetected hereditary heart condition.
And if we cut submarines, we lose the ability to permanently keep a portion of the arsenal hidden and undetected.
Administration officials have left many questions unanswered, including why the latest hacks went undetected for months.
Abaaoud had previously bragged in propaganda for the “Islamic State” (IS) that he could move between Europe and Syria undetected.
And, if the software remains undetected for long enough, it could easily be the case that no one in the company remembers that it’s there.
After viewing photographs of the rifle, Houze said, he knows why it went undetected for so long: It blended in so well with its surroundings.
“A lot of it is undetected, so that’s why the autopsies are very important to us, so we know exactly the root causes of such deaths,” said Harper.
And the concussions that cause the most damage tend to follow the ones that go undetected when the brain is not given the proper time to heal and rest.
A worn-out fuel line had been rubbing silently against a bundle of old electrical wires near the front of the cabin – a flaw that had gone undetected for years.
As I would also learn at the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner, undetected anatomical defects do occasionally cause otherwise healthy people to drop dead.