use pretty much in sentence

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He and I are pretty much the same build.

I have pretty much forgotten the emphatic constructions.

The new supervisor?

He’s not very original pretty much like the rest.

I’m short, so I can’t see on top of the shelves and so I pretty much dust by touch.

It’s geared pretty much towards real fighting isn’t it?

Apart from the eyes, crotch, and attacks against fallen opponents just about anything goes .



One, in fact, two summer I spent pretty much the whole summer here.”

And world powers like the United States are pretty much OK with that.

And then she laughed at her own joke, as she pretty much always does.

Dino showed up in his light blue Nikes and pretty much put on a show.

“We pretty held them to one shot pretty much all night long,” he said.

Together we came up with a formula, pretty much called the “app album.”

So now you know pretty much everything you need to know about PSX 2015.

Other than that, what is on the advertisement is pretty much fair game.

pretty much all of the province is taking this one and running with it.

Everyone pretty much agrees what is needed to meet the standard, he said.

pretty much everyone sees examples of progress they just didn’t expect.”

431996 I was out there pretty much running crazy, Barnum told the court.”

“He was pretty much on the baseline the whole time and I was further back.

Health care costs rise pretty much every year, as does the Part B premium.

“I didn’t hear anything back on Tuesday, so I’d pretty much given up hope.

That is pretty much at odds with the way fashion is developed, Boldan said.

424709 It was pretty much Merkel versus the rest of the world in the room.”

To support him, his mother quickly chimed in. “Yeah, pretty much,” he said.

It’s been cool to watch that grow pretty much every week,” Zak Farmer said.

I got out of the blocks and I just didn’t go anywhere, pretty much, he said.

Which pretty much sums up our national challenge for the foreseeable future.

Since that’s what the entire genre is based on, that’s pretty much expected.

And that was pretty much the only information they shared with us, she said.

He also pretty much created the celebrity chef phenomena, according to Tony.

It can all change very quickly but I think my time is pretty much done there.

Because we live 30 minutes from my in-laws, we see them pretty much every week.

“We should pretty much have everybody healthy after this off week,” Worley said.

913267 “We pretty much out-grew the space as soon as we turned on the open sign.”

It was a monster for its time – pretty much the biggest thing around, Daley said.

We have pretty much the same situation in our weather pattern today as yesterday.

I knew if I got that, it was pretty much straightforward from there on, she said.

It was pretty much an hour-long, nation-wide gigglefest at the expense of bigots.

It makes veggies, soups and pretty much any unfamiliar food far less scary to try.

I began this six months/ago and pretty much immediately began to earn at least $72.

“He can get his shot off pretty much whenever he wants and can get hot in a second.

The CDMA/voice issue pretty much ensures you need a device that’s made for Verizon.

The truck will be pretty much the same as it was except with a few additional iteMs.
It shut down the engines and pretty much entombed the whole cooling system, he said.

Nowadays you can buy pretty much everything but you just can’t buy that,” she gushes.

It’s pretty much the way we got it originally, said LaSala of the legendary basement.

548926 Overall the IT market is pretty much playing it out like we thought it would.”

Still, he notes, “the usefulness of that pretty much stops” after the initial report.

“We survived this year pretty much unscathed, just tired, but in a good way,” he said.

“The Obama administration, through our department, pretty much just said, ‘Go for it.’

The Dawgs win by 20. Pittsburgh versus Georgia Tech I’ve pretty much given up on Tech.

That’s what Spieth has done this year, and pretty much all three of his years on tour.

“We are back pretty much on the level where we were in the late 1980s and early 1990s.”

Man Posing As Cop Arrested By Real Cop, Police Say “He pretty much did a traffic stop.”

402572 It pretty much proves that hamsters simply have built-in magical bags of holding.

A lot of power plants of PG&E are pretty much on the shore,” Ezzedine told Live Science.

“In the past, if they had a tropical rainstorm they pretty much had to cancel the event.

179940 Currently, he said, in hospitals, pretty much anybody can order an antibiotic.”””

She’s pretty much a run-of-the-mill Democrat, said Mark Oldenburg of Madison, Wisconsin.

Essentially pretty much everything else is within their authority to change, Mercer said.

I think that watching human behavior is pretty much the same regardless of where we live.

Avoid Andy Gray’s columns, obviously, but you can pretty much go wild on everything else.

240606 Free-range and cage-free labels mean pretty much the same thing as with egg labels.

We’ve heard from him every day pretty much relative to our roster, Griffin said last week.

I have thousands of pictures and videos, and I’ve pretty much memorized every single one.”

It also pretty much concluded that the star quarterback had to know about the whole caper.

“We sold out all of our cookies and stuff, and we sold out pretty much all of our lemonade.

So my husband is thrilled with pretty much any food I have ready for him when he gets home.

“When Jordan was doing his shooting before the game, he was pretty much missing everything.

Which is pretty much how cartels always work of course and why we don’t like them existing.

And at that point, pretty much everything would fall apart in a financial sense for Greece.”

It won’t be a Post PC world then, it will be a world where an iPad is pretty much just a PC.

This is not what the markets were looking for, this is not what pretty much anybody expected.

“It took about 40 hours; I helped with the painting and she did pretty much everything else.”

“When a fairy comes to your door, that’s pretty much the greatest thing that can ever happen.

pretty much every game and team was mediocre to awful….as you would expect this time of year.

I thought the special teams pretty much dictated the whole game, said Sabres coach Dan Bylsma.

These tires when we brought them in were pretty much new, says Daigle, showing off the damage.

332196 If you look at everyone else’s policies, they’re pretty much the same,”” Clinton added.”

“She’s pretty much the one that made me realize that most of this stuff is edible,” he reflects.

That pesky line about ‘readiness’ needs can pretty much trump anything Mom might need, she said.

Done View gallery With six teams in the Top 25, the Big 12 has big games pretty much every week.

In our local county, we control the Republican party pretty much – our church and another church.

883078 Up until two months ago, I had pretty much been doing the same thing for the last 10 years.

On account of its massive market cap, when AAPL has a bad day, pretty much everyone else does too.

Right now, the Democratic Party is selling pretty much the same ideas it was selling in the 1960s.

Tablets were a product waiting to happen for decades, pretty much since they appeared in Star Trek.

Expectations were for higher consumption, but it remains pretty much unchanged from July-September.

Follow @cnnsport “The race went very well, but we were pretty much on the limit,” Marquez admitted.

When you turn Memphis into a top-15 team, you’re pretty much going to show up on all of these lists.

That is, they decided leave the dark, oldtime taproom pretty much as it was, down to the bar itself.

“As a comedian if something is even close to funny you can pretty much guarantee you’re gonna do it.

Brown said: “Charlie will get a three-match ban which pretty much sees out the rest of the six weeks.

But, he said, “It pretty much guarantees that Hillary will be the person that we’re running against.”

Tags are free-form, which means you can type in pretty much whatever you want, even including emojis.

In the Western Washington lowlands, for once we get to stay pretty much out of the weather headlines.

pretty much everything that is in iPhoto can be found in Photos, but some things did not make the cut.

I definitely have to agree on pretty much every point.