Venezuelan in a sentence

Venezuelan society has been described as very rigid in its class structures in the working world.

In the upper class of Venezuelan society, few women pursue careers, and most have household servants.

Last month the US imposed sanctions on high-level Venezuelan officials.

The drama explores repressed gay love in the Venezuelan capital Caracas.

Shiera is the manager of Vertix Instrumentos, a Venezuelan supplier to the oil sector.

Law enforcement sources say they are the nephews of Venezuelan first lady Cilia Flores.

“The Venezuelan telenovela industry’s story is really the inverse of the traditional plot.

The oil industry is the backbone of the Venezuelan economy, Maduro said on state television.

The host city of Doral is often referred to as “Doralzuela” for its many Venezuelan residents.

Venezuelan authorities detained those involved in the plot on Wednesday and Thursday, Maduro said.

Colombia accused Venezuelan aircraft of at least two incursions into its airspace over the weekend.

Venezuelan filmmakers are following a tradition of using sexual drama to highlight political issues.

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Children from affluent Venezuelan families were educated on the island.