Academic English Advanced Words


Group 1

English Advanced Vocabulary Exercises-1

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
   blur      capable      committee      elite      emergent      flared      imposed      offered      risk      tubular   
  1. During the Ch'ing dynasty, the local nobility and [] of China supported themselves by extracting taxes and rents from the common people.
  2. The fire suddenly [] up when we threw fresh wood on it.
  3. Glen enjoys high [] sports like parachuting and rock-climbing.
  4. In ancient Athens, the death penalty was [] on anyone caught cutting down an olive tree, which was considered sacred.
  5. Wind is [] of transporting enormous quantities of sand and dust which, when deposited, form many of our planet's distinctive landforms.
  6. The [] high-tech industry in China has made some important advances in the past few years.
  7. The British players were a [] of activity as they tried desperately to score a goal in the final minute of the match.
  8. The bicycle wagons are made with a very strong [] steel frame.
  9. A [] has been formed of workers and management to try to resolve issues between them before they become a serious problem.
  10. The Foreign Minister [] to resign but the Prime Minister refused to allow it.

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