Academic English Advanced Words


Group 2


Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
   ablaze      consume      exhaustion      limbs      orient      orientation      resemble      retaliate      simulator      suppressed      toughened   
  1. It has been suggested that in the eyes of a crocodile, a person bending down over a water source may [] an antelope, and this is why attacks on humans occur.
  2. The astronauts practiced on the flight [] for months.
  3. Religious services, long [] by the communist government, are now being tolerated.
  4. It will take a few days to [] you to the routine in our office.
  5. Insects [] 10% of the world's food supply every year.
  6. According to some research, one in four gay men has been physically assaulted as a result of his perceived sexual [].
  7. His army training has certainly [] him up.
  8. Squid have ten [], whereas an octopus has eight.
  9. The teacher collapsed in [] after an evening of correcting homework assignments.
  10. The American government has announced it will [] with great force against the rebels for any attacks on its embassy.
  11. Rioters were setting cars [] and breaking shop windows.

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