Academic English Advanced Words


Group 3


Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
   currents      diplomat      environment      expertise      lecture      nutrients      revenue      tolerate      vague      wrapping   
  1. Our company has built up a great deal of [] in creating successful web-sites.
  2. There is a Dutch proverb which observes that economy is a great [].
  3. He has just been appointed to a position as a [] attached to the Italian Embassy.
  4. Studies show that fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets today contain far fewer [] than they did 50 years ago.
  5. We could only see a [] outline of the house through the darkness and pouring rain.
  6. A hiker was drowned off the west coast of the island when he went swimming, and was carried out to sea by the strong [].
  7. Each [] supports a distinctive community of plants and animals.
  8. It is difficult to [] a person who continually lies.
  9. Boxer Muhammad Ali was once invited to [] on poetry at Oxford University.
  10. A constrictor is a snake that kills its prey by [] a loop of its body around the prey, and squeezing it to death.

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