Academic English Advanced Words


Group 4


Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
   factions      impact      intellectual      Narrow      punishment      ray      relaxing      scheduled      upset      yield   
  1. Arnold Bennett once stated that the people who live in the past must [] to the people who live in the future.
  2. Studies have shown that the [] development of children can be damaged by poor nutrition.
  3. It really [] my wife when my son lost his job.
  4. [], twisting paths snake through Afghanistan's rugged landscape.
  5. Many health professionals believe that spanking a child is no longer an acceptable form of [].
  6. Seating on the world's first [] commuter airplane flight consisted of moveable wicker chairs.
  7. The sudden death of the CEO had a serious [] on the company.
  8. A [] of sunshine broke through the clouds, throwing light on a little island in the middle of the ocean.
  9. We spent the last day of our vacation [] on the beach in Puerto Vallarta.
  10. After the death of the President, there was a serious battle between different [] for control of the country.

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