Academic English Advanced Words


Group 4


Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
   faction      impact      intellectuals      narrow      punish      rays      relaxed      schedule      upset      yield   
  1. He [] his cup as he was rising from the couch, and spilt his tea all over his work.
  2. Einstein once said that [] solve problems, whereas geniuses prevent them.
  3. This new study may [] the information we need to be able to make a decision.
  4. Sunscreen with a rating of 25 or more acts as an effective shield against harmful [] from the sun.
  5. When people are [], they inhale about 12 times every minute.
  6. I can't [] my child for telling the truth about breaking the CD player.
  7. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once joked, "Next week there can't be any crisis. My [] is already full."
  8. The [] of violent video games on children is an issue of concern to many parents.
  9. In Afghanistan, the U.S. is supporting a [] known as the Northern Alliance in its bid to oust the Taliban government.
  10. It is difficult to find shoes to fit Sophie because she has very [] feet.

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