Academic English Advanced Words


Academic and Advanced Vocabulary Exercises

Group 5 - Exercise 8

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
   addicted      astonishing      Cabinet      evidence      heap      Otherwise      repression      site      smooth      troops   
  1. Members of the federal [] are meeting this morning to decide when to call the next election.
  2. There are reports of China massing its [] on the border with Vietnam.
  3. I'm a little busy right now, so I can't come to the party. [] I'd come for sure.
  4. The Plains of Abraham are the [] of the most famous battle in Canada's history.
  5. The runner crossed the finish line and then collapsed in a [] on the track.
  6. There is [] that pollution of the world's oceans is increasing.
  7. A Yiddish proverb states, "It's [] how important a man becomes when he dies."
  8. His face felt nice and [] after he had shaved with his new razor.
  9. Anthony D'Angelo once said that we should become [] to constant and never-ending self-improvement.
  10. Studies show that riots emerge mainly in those cities where disorderly tactics can work - where riots stand a chance of getting results other than all-out [].

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