Academic English Advanced Words


Academic and Advanced Vocabulary Exercises

Group 8 - Exercise 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
   abruptness      brutal      gather      intimate      patriotic      relegated      shine      signal      situated      substances   
  1. Robert Orben once said that a compliment is verbal sun[].
  2. The philosophy of communism has been largely [] to the junk yard of political theory.
  3. Samantha and her boyfriend enjoyed an [] candlelit dinner at a fine restaurant to celebrate Valentine's Day.
  4. The commander gave the [] for the soldiers to start firing.
  5. F. Shaw once wrote, "I am loving before I am [], and I am human before I am American."
  6. Because it is [] just 90 miles from Sicily, Tunisia is a popular African trading partner, and tourist destination for Europeans.
  7. His [] in speaking to people really turns a lot of people off.
  8. Rattlesnakes [] in groups to sleep through the winter, with sometimes up to 1,000 of them together, to keep warm.
  9. Cigarettes contain a lot of poisonous [] that people aren't aware of, in addition to the nicotine and tar.
  10. With the help of his [] police force, the former President of Haiti was able to keep the Haitian people in a constant state of terror.

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