Academic English Advanced Words


Academic and Advanced Vocabulary Exercises

Group 8 - Exercise 6

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
   abrupt      brutality      gathered      intimate      patriotism      relegated      shines      signaling      situated      substance   
  1. There is a Danish proverb which notes that even a small star [] in the darkness.
  2. Cyril Connolly once said that imprisoned in every fat man, a thin one is wildly [] to be let out.
  3. George Bernard Shaw once remarked that [] is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.
  4. The bicycle trail comes to an [] end at the river.
  5. After being [] to a minor administrative position, our former program co-ordinator decided to resign.
  6. The police were charged with [] after a man was nearly beaten to death while in custody.
  7. Rubber is one of the ingredients of bubble gum; it is the [] which allows the chewer to blow a bubble.
  8. The enormous amounts of information generally [] in survey research is incomprehensible in raw form.
  9. It is sometimes nice to have an [] dinner for two.
  10. The Conservatory of Music is [] in a beautiful old church.

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