water source in a sentence

water source in a sentence

1) Possible environmental reservoirs include contaminated water sources .

2) This project serves 386 homes near 10 contaminated water sources .

3) Home ranges are found near permanent water sources .

water source example sentences

4) The main water sources are surface waters.

5) My current water source is rain catchment.

6) Many existing water sources worldwide are no longer adequate.

7) There is a water source near each cabin.

8) All seven lakes are mainly fed by separate underground water sources .

9) A close water source is also very important.

10) There are 43 government reservoirs and many more private water sources .

11) The water sources are in constant operation.

12) Water sources are contaminated to different degrees .

13) Some water sources contain more natural fluoride than others.

14) A permanent water source helps attract bees I hear.

15) To the left is his water source .


example sentences with water source

16) Plans were made to develop these water sources .

17) Safe water sources are essential for survival within a community.

18) These three companies added valuable properties and power and water sources .

19) The area is also rich in ground water sources .

20) Women wait in long lines at public water sources .

21) In the past however there were many more water sources .

22) Drinking water sources can be easily contaminated.

23) It is then easy to spot wildlife gathered near water sources .

24) Various varieties of alien vegetation growing near a water source .

25) In addition, there are four mineral water sources .

26) This canal is the region’s main water source .

27) In 2008, studies for 2 water source projects were completed.

28) Combined, these water sources feed 11 glaciers.


How to use water source in a sentence

29) However, local concentrations exist there near artificial water sources .

30) Laura Creek is an excellent water source .

31) Data were collected along transects radiating away from permanent water sources .

32) The water dried up in all water sources everywhere.

33) These are the main water sources for the city.

34) Conversely, groundwater can also feed surface water sources .

35) Note that the parking lot has no water source .

36) The toxins also poison the soil and fresh water sources .

37) Permanent streams, springs and ponds provide the water sources needed.

38) What factors contribute to contamination of a water source ?

39) Their primary water source is the Russian River.

40) Test water source (s) frequently for microbial contamination.