Why do in a sentence

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Why do you take so long to eat?

Why do cats’ eyes shine in the dark?

Why do you walk when you have a car?

Why do you think animals dread fire?

Why do you insist on treating women as sex objects?
Discussion question: Why do skeletons scare people?
Why do you not ask your teacher for advice?

Why do people get fooled by such cheap schemes?

Why do Muslims place such importance on burial?

Why do yields increase with herbicideresistant varieties?

Why do you make it open even to rivals in the same trade?

Why do my teenage children always leave such a mess in the bathroom?
Why do you always have to complicate things? Let’s just keep things simple.

Discussion question: Why do you think some people are drawn to join cults? cultivate
Why do you always focus on people’s faults instead of trying to see their good points?
Why do you insist on driving after you’ve been drinking? You could kill someone.

Women why do they want to go to toilet in groups?

I don’t get it at all.

Why do you waste gas driving to the corner store when you could easily walk or bike there?
Discussion question: Why do you think that almost all sexual assaults are committed by men?
Why do so many songs finish by fading away? Can’t anybody write an ending to a song anymore?
Baseball coach Vince Lombardi once asked, “If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?”
Discussion question: Why do you think the vast majority of sexual assaults are committed by men?
Why do some people treat immigrants like idiots just because they have trouble with the language?
Discussion question: Why do you think some battered women stay with their violent husbands? battle
Why do you keep renting these rubbishy romantic movies? Let’s get a good action film next time.

Doug Horton once asked, “If the destination is heaven, why do we scramble to be first in line for hell?”
Why do some drivers dump all the cigarette butts in the ashtray of their car out the window onto the road?
Why do people spray deadly pesticides on their gardens if they are going to eat the food themselves later?
Discussion question: Why do you think more and more people in North American society are becoming obese? obey
Discussion question: Why do you think so many governments are concerned with erecting higher and higher buildings?
Why do you insist on driving after you’ve been drinking? I hope you get busted, then maybe you’ll learn your lesson.

Franz Grillparzer once stated, “Why do villains have so much influence? Because the honest people are terribly dense.

” dent
Why do you insist on paying for your school expenses yourself, when your parents are willing to give you financial support?

Discussion question: Are there people who are discriminated against in your culture? Who are they, and why do you think this occurs?
Discussion question: In your opinion, why do you think the majority of communist countries have become democratic in the last 10 years?
Discussion question: Why do women often seem to choose clothing with a soft, silky texture, whereas men seem to choose rougher textures? theme
Why do people say that strength is masculine, and tenderness is feminine? I don’t think one should describe those qualities in that way.

Why do you want your children to be obedient? They’re not dogs.

I think it’s more important to teach them to think for themselves.

When I’m home and I’m going to the corner drugstore to pick up some shampoo, why do you always tell me to be careful how I cross the street?

Discussion question: Why do you think that fruits and vegetables grown today appear to have fewer nutrients than those grown 50 years ago? nutrition
Discussion question: Are you interested in extreme sports, such as bungy jumping or sky-diving? Why do you think some people like this kind of activity?
Discussion question: Research has shown that Asian students perform better on mathematics exams than North American children.

Why do you think this is so?
Discussion question: Why do you think people throughout history have continued to go on so many dangerous expeditions where there was often little chance of coming back alive? expel
Why do you think they are so lighthearted when they are interviewed?

So why do I like lichens so much, and why should you check them out?

6380 7. Why do some stores make you show a receipt in order to leave?

Well, why do they make millions of dollars of campaign contributions?

“Why do some people love cilantro and others say it tastes like soap?

Why do you think this is an important expression of freedom of speech?

The dispatcher asks, “Why do you feel like you want to kill yourself?”

5 photos: Why do Muslims wear that? 5 photos: Why do Muslims wear that?

Two days later, she texted Grace about Hell: “Why do we think it’s real?

963152 You see a guy going around the world and ask ‘why do you do it?'”

Why do people delay in getting help, even after they know the inevitable?

“The helpline is there to listen, to find out, ‘Why do you feel this way?

If you are so proud, why do you choose to be dishonest with your partner?

Why do we need to dump buckets of ice water on our heads again this month?

“The most fascinating question of all is why do we have to have REM sleep?

Q: Why do you think that Quebec has led the way in breaking down the taboo?

Why do companies not just do this themselves, once they see that it works?”

Why do you think more women and men don’t talk more openly about infertility?

326089 If it is so rarely successful, why do terrorists perpetrate acts of terror?

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So why do we only seem to talk passionately about it when a celebrity is involved?

@Northworst He does not have to be fast on his feet- why do you think he has a gun?

829464 They get treated like criminals almost, like ‘Why do they want to come here?’

Gamers like this guy look at us and think “Why do you care about games 3+ years old?

I don’t blame you if you answer this way: INTERVIEWER: Why do you want to work here?

Most popular right now (12) Media to Marshawn Lynch: ‘Why do you have to be a jerk?’

Crowns are tipped to be big at this year’s Melbourne Cup — why do you think that is?

Dear @Delta Why do you think it’s okay to put a toddler and parent in separate seats?

Home / Bilingual Pages Sun, Feb 01, 2015 – Page 2 A: Why do you keep gawping at Jane?

Why do these billionaires, fabulously wealthy billionaires, have a seat at the table?”

“Face-Blind” (August 30, 2010): Why do some people find recognizing faces so difficult?

195442 Don’t be so negative about Conservative negativity Why do drivers hate cyclists?

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We asked Arif Rahman: why do bloggers keep on writing about atheism despite the threats?

942017 Why do we Europeans feel that our unfortunate situation is a full-fledged crisis?

The IMF official demanded to know: why do people always accuse us of being unaccountable?

International Edition Woodward County, Oklahoma: Why do so many here doubt climate change?

941894 Why do children suffer?”” the Argentine pope said, speaking in his native Spanish.”

“Why do certain people start out with slightly higher immune response and others have less?

Why do Santería and other African diaspora religions continue to bear the burden of racism?

Why do you think, truly, that Marshawn wants nothing to do with ANYTHING that comes his way.

If the World Cup’s a big deal, best-on-best tournament, why do we need to go to the Olympics?

942021 Why do we have arguments about what’s better”” with Macs and PCs, iPhones and Android?”

Why do you think the football team that plays in Santa Clara is called the San Francisco 49ers?

More from Emily L. Hauser Why do conservatives let men off so easy in the great abortion debate?

386744 It begs the question, why do we still use the label of amateur athlete and amateur sport?

“He never once said ‘Why me?’ or ‘Why do I have this?’ or ‘I wish I’d never been in the service.’

Warren Buffett is my boss Corporate report cards light on revenue Why do gas prices keep climbing?

Why do we stand on our metaphorical porches screaming, “You shallow kids and your selfie machines!

Eva brings fresh flooding fears Frenchman who beheaded boss found dead Why do people hate this man?

Biggs agrees: “At some point during the day before the performance, we’re like, ‘Why do we do this?

But why do so many people fail with email marketing or having a hard time to build their email list.

What do you think is the true meaning of Islam, and why do you think the wrong message is spreading?

So why do black transplant patients tend to wind up in transplant centers that don’t perform as well?

687157 The big issue is why do people reach a point where their hatred overcomes any other impulse?”””

So why do I want to repeat these teenage agonies ?

Why do I need ATV safety training?