wide variation in a sentence

wide variation in a sentence

1) Even among funded schemes there are wide variations .

2) It allows for wide variation between member congregations.

3) Texas has wide variations in precipitation patterns.

wide variation example sentences

4) There are wide variations within the districts.

5) There was even wider variation by region.

6) Wide variation in hospital and physician payment rates.

7) There were also wide variations on business models.

8) There was wide variation among claims that resulted in payment.

9) Likely a complex control method with wide variation .

10) In practice there is wide variation among Conservative congregations.

11) The graph of all intervals shows a wide variation .

12) There have been wide variations in state Medicaid eligibility standards.

13) For this utilization indicator, we observed wide variation across states.

14) The many versions display a wide variation , particularly in translation.

15) There is a wide variation of different types of cards.


example sentences with wide variation

16) Within these age bands there are very wide variations in capability.

17) They are mainly responsible for the wide variations in hospital fees .

18) There are wide variations of “krupuk” available across Indonesia.

19) There was, however, a wide variation in outcomes reported.

20) There is a wide variation in temperature between day and night.

21) Rocky Boy Reservation has a wide variation of climate conditions.

22) Solids exhibit a wide variation in rigidity.

23) The wide variation when the test bands may vary from 10 minutes.

24) Pubic hairs are typically coarse in diameter, with wide variations .

25) A survey of vaccines in 1900 found wide variations in bacterial contamination.

26) For the remainder, the average figures equally certainly obscure wide variations .

27) Wide variations exist within Lutheranism on this issue.

28) A wide variation has been reported.


How to use wide variation in a sentence

29) This illustrates the wide variation in the properties of these substances.

30) These figures are averages which cover a very wide variation between individual classes.

31) There is also wide variation from state to state in employment participation.

32) As a folk instrument, wide variation exists in Appalachian dulcimers.

33) There are wide variations , however.

34) As a result, wide variation due to experimentation exists within each model.

35) These shows were produced by volunteers and showed a wide variation in quality.

36) Furthermore, there could be wide variations in response between different people.

37) There can be wide variation in rainfall from year to year.

38) Plants of Mugo pine show a wide variation in shape and vigor.

39) Indeed, there’s wide variation .

40) Radar cross-section is used to detect planes in a wide variation of ranges.